13 Future Technologies: Some Are Already in 2021

13 Future Technologies: Some Are Already in 2021

Future technology that will make you amazed by the changing world of technology. How sophisticated will life be in the next few years? It could be, you are also thinking about the impact that will occur and when you can see the technology materialize. Make no mistake, sooner or later, you don’t realize that some of the true technology of the future will materialize. Even in 2021, a number of technologies that were previously only concepts can now be enjoyed by many people. Call it like a folding screen cellphone, smart shoes to a car without a driver.

Future Advanced Technology

So, want to know the most advanced future technology that has been or will be realized? Check out some of the amazing technologies that were even imaginary before now come true:

Smartphone with Flexible Screen

The future technology of flexible mobile phones was initiated by Samsung. Samsung developed the Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) or Super AMOLED screen that can be bent and folded. In the future, what will become a trend is not a smartphone with a thin body, but the flexibility of a full-screen body that makes it easier for users to store their cellphones. This sophisticated cellphone product can also be purchased widely, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei Mate XS and the latest generation Motorola RAZR.

Mobile Hologram

Holograms are technology that can be used for various purposes such as education, entertainment or business. With a hologram, you can visually see an object in 3D and immersive without having to be near the object. An interesting project using hologram technology was carried out to make the audience interact directly with holocaust survivors without their presence on stage. Excited? Check out the video above!

Smart Sneakers

This smart shoe can detect the user’s movement from walking, running, to climbing. Later, these smart shoes will send information such as the distance traveled, speed, and the number of calories burned to the smartphone you are pairing with. Sophisticated, this smart shoe is powered by a battery that can last for 60 days, you know! One of the smart shoe products that you can now find on the market is the Nike Adapt BB.

Autonomous Car

Autonomous car, also known as self-driving car, is a car that can carry passengers without having to be driven by a driver. The working system is a special sensor camera that detects movement and the environment around the vehicle. Then the image from the camera is processed with artificial intelligence to determine the direction and destination of the vehicle. Sophisticated right? You can see how cool this unmanned car is in the demo video from Tesla above!

Hoverboard or Flying Skateboard

If this isn’t the future anymore, it already exists and is starting to be sold on the market. Self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, will become a trend in today’s vehicles. The hoverboard works by automatically balancing your body condition and navigation. However, the hoverboard that is expected in the future is a skateboard-like device that is completely wheelless and can fly hovering. There are already several companies that are developing this, and maybe we can see it in the near future.

Clothes Folding Machine

Lazy to fold clothes at home or tired of the laundry piling up waiting to be folded? Soon there will be a clothes folding machine that will help you out! With this clothes folding machine, you only need to hang the clothes you want to fold on the machine, then this machine will automatically fold them for you.

Hyperloop Train

Hyperloop was introduced by the founder of The Boring Company who is also the CEO of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk. Elon has an ambition to encourage big cities to have a mode of transportation that is fast, safe, and capable of carrying many passengers. With Hyperloop, 20-40 passengers can be transported at a speed of 1,700 km / h!

Flying Car

This car is like a vehicle in sci-fi movies. Soon you will see the development of future technology of cars floating in the sky! This car can run on ordinary roads and air. Users also need pilot certification to ensure the operational safety of this flying car.

Space Tourism

Future technological developments in the world of space are also very fast. Soon, you will be able to enjoy traveling and seeing the Moon and Earth from above the vacuum in outer space. The United States Space Agency (NASA) and SpaceX are working on this, and people can sign up for space travel in 2019.

Laser Weapons

Future technological developments in the military sector believe laser weapons will become the next generation of weapons. The tested prototype laser gun is capable of destroying small ships, shooting down missiles and drones. However, this weapon has not been able to change the face of war in the world because it has not been produced in large numbers. A laser is a light beam that can travel at the speed of light reaching 300,000,000 meters per second!

Robot Army

The army robot is also predicted to become the object of the most advanced technological developments in the military world. Accuracy and computer calculations as well as the reduction in human lives are strong reasons for countries such as China and the United States Seirkat to develop this technology.

Weather Survey and Party Election with Artificial Intelligence

James Bridle’s latest project wants to show that weather conditions affect the number of votes in elections. He then built a machine learning model to predict election results based on these weather conditions. Random indeed, but in essence artificial intelligence is already widely used in real life at this time, although its use is arguably still in its early stages and still needs further refinement in the future.

Could teleportation materialize?

Teleportation so far you can only find on paper and scientific research journals in the form of mathematical equations. However, if the mathematical concept exists, teleportation could be a future technological development. Teleportation is suspected by the wormhole concept that was discovered by Einstein’s theory of relativity and gravity as the concept of space and time. Watch the video above for an easy and fun explanation of the concept of wormhole teleportation. Interestingly, Russian scientists working for Vladimir Putin claim to be developing this teleportation technology and will actually bring it to the real world. Teleportation like in the Star Trek film is said to be completed in 2035.