3 Easiest Ways to Maintain a Smartphone Camera to Stay Quality for Traveling

3 Easiest Ways to Maintain a Smartphone Camera to Stay Quality for Traveling

Who today doesn’t hold a smartphone?, maybe it’s just the batteries and grandmothers! Even now, there are not a few elderly people who hold smartphones, right?

Talking about smartphones, based on the results of a reset from the Emarketer Digital Marketing Research Institute, it is estimated that in 2018, of the 250 million Indonesian population, more than 100 million are active smartphone users.

You can imagine the number of smart cell phone users in our country.

Well, of the many active smartphone users, on average, each person must have at least one smartphone unit and even many have more.

Usually those who have more than one are people who separate business or work cellphones with personal or family interests.

What about you? Surely you have one, right? Even though it’s still on credit. (Hehehe)

The need for a smartphone at this time is not just for communication, but more than that, it has become part of a lifestyle and as a means to maintain one’s existence in cyberspace.

The smartness of smartphone devices is also getting wider with the addition of technology and features here and there.

Its intelligence is directly proportional to the user’s ability to maximize the performance of the smartphone itself.

For business matters, of course, you need a smartphone with a fast capability to easily view orders from consumers, transfers here and there, and take photos of the various products you want to sell.

Meanwhile, for personal matters, usually looking for a smartphone with capable selfie or selfie capabilities.

For those who love selfies, it must be very dependent on the quality of the smartphone camera, right? Especially if you are a travel blogger who really loves traveling and capturing every moment you encounter. Whatever and wherever you must check and upload it immediately.

Yes, it is impossible to take a selfie with a dull, blurry face, let alone freckles due to a low resolution camera. If necessary, for selfie purposes, look for a camera that is capable of one push and can snap several times with shaky results.

Unfortunately, the problem with smartphone shots is not what you want because of the decreased camera capability.

Usually, the ability of a smartphone camera drops because of a lot of dust that sticks. In addition, there are scratches on the camera lens.

The main cause of this problem is the lack of maintenance from the owner of the smartphone. Well, it’s a shame if you are tired of selfies using the AI ​​Beauty 2.0 feature of the OPPO F7, the results are even blurry because the camera lens has scratches or is dirty.

To maintain the capabilities of a smartphone camera, you need to try these tips. You have to practice this, guys!

First, if it is dusty, it must be cleaned immediately. Don’t wait to get together until a ‘dust party’ forms. Clean it with a microfiber cloth which has a soft texture. That way, there will be no scratches when you wipe it.

Clean the smartphone camera.

Second, buy a lens protector. The goal is to protect the lens from being subjected to direct impact or touch when it falls.

This lens protector can be found at the online shop or the nearest accessory store.

Finally, use a soft and a hard case that not only protects the lens but also the entire body of your smartphone.

This is a valuable experience from me, for months the cellphone camera blurs and makes selfies bad because the lens is scratched. Previously, my smartphone was not installed with a soft-case, the results were regretful later.

while your smartphone camera is still OK, then quickly find the protector to keep it durable until you get bored of using it.