4 Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR Camera

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR Camera

Lately, the hobby of photography is in high demand by many people. If in the past, sophisticated cameras were only owned by photographers with high flying hours, now teenagers who like photography also have sophisticated DSLR cameras. Even though the price of a DSLR camera is not cheap, it is an important thing to prioritize. The high price is indeed comparable to the quality of this camera. Considering the price is quite expensive, it is certain that this DSLR camera requires extra care so that the camera is always durable. If you are planning to buy a DSLR camera in the near future, you should pay attention to the following things so you don’t go wrong in buying a DSLR camera.

Dig up information about DSLR cameras

If you are familiar with DSLR cameras, then now try to find detailed information about DSLR cameras. Make sure you know very well what the advantages and disadvantages of this camera are so you don’t feel disappointed when you buy it later. But in general this DSLR camera has several advantages, including; has a faster autofocus feature, easy to change lenses as needed, can take pictures in a row, the image resolution is high enough so that the shots will look clear even if taken in a room with minimal lighting.

Camera resolution

Regardless of the type and brand of camera, image resolution is the most important. DSLR cameras are generally equipped with a resolution of 12 MP. The image quality will be better if the camera resolution is bigger. However this also affects the image size on the computer. For example, you have an image with a 16 MP camera RAW format with a size of 25 MB on a computer, so to be able to edit this image you need a computer equipped with RAM and a strong processor so that the editing process is easier to do.

Try to be close to the service center

Because this camera is man-made, this DSLR camera also has the potential to be damaged. For that, so as not to be confused when a DSLR camera suddenly gets cranky, you should make sure that your place of residence is close to the service center. That way the camera can be repaired immediately.

Adjust to the budget

Another factor that must be considered is the budget for buying a camera. Yup, it was mentioned earlier that the price of this DSLR camera is not cheap, that means you need a decent budget to be able to propose to this cool camera. Try checking your savings balance again, is it enough to buy the DSLR camera.