5 Causes The Refrigerator Is Not Cold

5 Causes The Refrigerator Is Not Cold

The refrigerator is indeed a mainstay in cooling the temperature of our daily food or drink. However, there is a moment where your refrigerator feels not cold anymore. This certainly makes us grumble, right? There are several things that cause your refrigerator to not cool anymore, it can be from internal problems or external problems. If you don’t understand the cause, here are some reasons why your refrigerator won’t cool down.

1. Keeping food or drink too hot

It’s okay to store hot food or drinks in the refrigerator. However, do not enter the temperature is too hot. If you keep forcing it, then your refrigerator machine will work extra to be able to reduce the temperature of the hot food or drink. It’s best to chill your food or drink before putting it in the refrigerator. The health of a refrigerator can also make your finances more economical because you don’t need to replace a damaged refrigerator.

2. Damage to the socket

Check your outlet now. If the cover is removed, then glue it back to the wall. You should also check the amperage by plugging other electronic equipment into an electrical outlet. If it still functions properly, it means that the problem is with the refrigerator cable itself.

3. Loose refrigerator door rubber

Opening the refrigerator door for too long can cause the refrigerator to not cool. However, there is one more thing related to the refrigerator door, namely the frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door. Check the condition of the rubber that surrounds your refrigerator door. If the rubber door is no longer functioning properly, then your refrigerator will not close completely. And if you also don’t close it tightly, then the cold air from inside the refrigerator can be released freely so that your refrigerator doesn’t get cold.

4. There are many ice flowers

The thickening of the ice in the refrigerator is also one of the reasons why your refrigerator is not cold. The reason is, the thickness of the ice flower can close the vent channel. In fact, the hole plays a role in channeling and cooling the air in the refrigerator. The solution, melt or remove the pile of ice flowers and clean the place around the vent so that air can be channeled smoothly.

5. Fill the freon out

The last cause of your refrigerator not being cold is freon that has run out or is leaking. You can check it by holding the back of the refrigerator. The temperature of the part should be hot. However, if you don’t feel hot or even cold from the back of your refrigerator, then you can be sure that the freon has run out and must be refilled.