5 Characteristics of Smartphones Affected by Viruses and Malware

5 Characteristics of Smartphones Affected by Viruses and Malware

Lately, malware and virus attacks often attack Android smartphone users. The reason is, they often steal users’ personal data and other important information. The modified trojan virus threatens users of mobile banking or banking applications installed on smartphones. Please note that mobile banking trojans are the most well-known type of virus, which is specially designed to steal money from the accounts of mobile banking application users. The following are some of the characteristics if your smartphone is exposed to viruses and malware that you must be aware of.

Frequent pop-ups

If when you turn on your smartphone but suddenly the background appears ads or pop-ups, then it is one of the signs that your smartphone is infected with adware or malware. Ads that suddenly appear if you click or accidentally click it, the adware application will automatically be installed on your smart phone. For that, don’t even try to click on the pop-ups if your smartphone doesn’t want to be infected with adware.

Internet quota runs out fast

The characteristics of smartphones affected by the next virus are internet data usage suddenly soaring high, even though normal use. That’s because to send data to the hacker will use the data or internet quota on your smartphone. The solution is to check whether there are applications that use cellular data that are suspected of draining internet quota. If found immediately uninstall the application.

Fast battery drain

If you experience that your smartphone battery runs out quickly even though you are using mediocre or not playing heavy applications, then it could be that the smartphone you are using is infected with malware or a virus. If you experience this, immediately check the application on your smartphone that is draining battery power. If you feel that there are applications that you do not use but keep on, then uninstall the application as soon as possible.

Unknown apps appear

The characteristics of smartphones affected by viruses like this are already common, but they are often ignored because they are considered trivial. In fact, the unfamiliar or unknown application could most likely be malware. When the malware or virus enters the system, it will easily clone itself.

Phone heats up fast and slow

Without realizing it, people with malicious intent can spread viruses or malware and even adware infiltrate applications that were accidentally installed by the user. If it has been installed and entered the smartphone system, then the application will secretly work, so it is not strange if the smartphone heats up quickly and its performance becomes sluggish like a snail. The best way to solve this is by installing a trusted antivirus, and then scanning all folders or applications.