5 Differences between Gaming Keyboards and Regular Computer Keyboards

5 Differences between Gaming Keyboards and Regular Computer Keyboards

The keyboard is the main device in carrying out activities using a computer. From getting work done to playing your favorite games. However, gaming keyboards and regular or regular computer keyboards have their own differences. There are many things that are the basic differences between the two. However, what is quite striking includes the five things below.

1. Gaming Keyboard Using Mechanical Type

Almost all keyboards used for gaming use the mechanical type. Namely on the button usually has a special pad called a switch. This device makes the typing experience better and more stable when used. While the regular keyboard still uses a membrane type that is not mechanically responsive. Indeed, when typing the mechanical keyboard keys create a fairly loud sound when pressed. However, when you press it it is very comfortable and

2. Fast Response Keyboard

Regarding the level of responsiveness, keyboards designed for gaming activities are indeed superior to ordinary computer keyboards. With mechanical technology as described in the previous point, this keyboard is able to reduce the level of latency and responsiveness in 15-25 milliseconds. Compared to a regular computer keyboard has a responsive rate of 30 milliseconds. Although this difference is only a few milliseconds, the keyboard for gaming is superior. So you can move the cursor faster. Including for specialty games like Fortnite and Overwatch.

3. Has Special Keys Than Ordinary Computer Keyboards

Likewise with the button which from the outside looks just different. The difference that appears is, the keys on the keyboard specifically for gamers are made bigger and prominent, this term is known as floating. While the regular keyboard is not as prominent for gaming. If the keyboard is regular, the keys do have a special function. However, on the keyboard to play games is more complex. For example, it is equipped with eight multimedia keys. Then, there are 19 anti-ghosting buttons to quickly and accurately execute game instructions without worrying about crashes.

4. Complex Design

The next difference is in terms of design. Indeed, both of these keyboards are rectangular in shape with various keys. However, if you look closely, gaming keyboards tend to be bigger. In the sense that it is wider than the regular which seems very standard. Another difference in terms of design is that this gaming device has an RGB backlite, which is a colorful light on the keyboard to distinguish important buttons that are often used when playing games. Whereas on a regular keyboard, it clearly doesn’t have lights except for special things like the caps lock usage indicator.

5. Differences in terms of price

Not only in terms of specifications and features, a significant difference between the two is in terms of price. For a regular keyboard, the price is usually cheaper than a special keyboard for gaming. The difference is because the features embedded in gaming are more and use the latest technology.