5 Most Secure Clouds For Storing Documents

5 Most Secure Clouds For Storing Documents

Sometimes we are confused about how to safely store documents that are confidential so that they cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. There are actually several ways to keep documents safe, one of which is to store them in the cloud. Cloud-based storage is in vogue. Understandably, storing files in the cloud is very efficient because we can access these files wherever they are as long as the device used is connected to the internet. In addition, we no longer need to bother providing excess storage space on our devices to store document files. If you happen to be looking for a secure cloud storage to store confidential and important documents, then the following 5 cloud storages can be considered.


This cloud storage can secure all types of files including confidential and important documents. NextCloud will secure, control, and monitor all document files that you store in it. NextCloud can even monitor who accesses the document and how the document is used.


The next cloud-based storage that you can rely on to store documents securely is pCloud. This storage service can be accessed not only via a computer, but can also be accessed using a smartphone or via the web. No need to worry about the security of these documents because pClod uses encryption to secure all documents stored in it.


Zenkit is also one of the cloud storage services that we recommend. Because with Zenkit you can share documents with other people very easily and of course safely. Basically Zenkit is used to manage all files that are personal or for work needs, all of which can be done using Zenkit.


We also recommend a cloud-based storage called Mega if you want to store confidential and important documents. Mega uses end-to-end encryption to secure all files including documents stored in them so that not just anyone can access these files or documents. Mega can also be used on mobile devices, so you can access documents stored on Mega anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.


The last cloud-based storage we recommend is OwnCloud. This storage service is widely used because it is claimed to have been used by more than 50 million users. OwnCloud offers a high level of security in storing data so you don’t have to worry about data stored on OwnCloud. You can access all files and documents stored on OwnCloud wherever you are.