5 Recommended Applications That Help In Online Learning

5 Recommended Applications That Help In Online Learning

As a student, of course, we cannot be separated from gadgets that help in the learning process, especially during a pandemic, learning activities are also carried out online. But there are obstacles in using gadgets, such as being more busy checking notifications. So that gadgets can be used optimally, the following are some recommended applications that can help study online.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an e-learning platform based on a learning management system where this system is the simplest and most widely used by e-learning products worldwide. And during this pandemic, Google Classroom is one of the applications that is often used in online learning. The advantage of this Google Classroom is that it looks user friendly, all files are connected to Google Drive, and are available for free.

2. Notebloc

During this pandemic, there are many assignments and exams that need to be scanned so that the contents can be seen more clearly. Of course, this will take a lot of time to scan using a printer, especially if the exam with a relatively fast time will feel tiring. Notebloc is an alternative application for scanning easily. We can install it on our smartphone first, then take a photo of the document we want to scan and make sure it has enough light, then we can choose the color of the desired document like the original according to the document, color or black and white. After that, the saved documents can be in the form of PDF or JPEG.

3. Coursera

During this pandemic, many offline courses cannot be run, so Coursera can be the right choice for learning online. Coursera is a self-study platform where we can access thousands of videos and learning recordings of educational institutions. Coursera is also a platform for full-term, long-term vocational courses, which are usually paid for, but don’t worry, there are also courses that are distributed for free. The themes in Coursera are also diverse such as the use of basic, advanced and professional computer software, general knowledge, arts, social and human sciences, introduction to more specific courses such as in the field of health sciences. So that we can expand knowledge and develop interests and skills in the field of technology and general knowledge.

4. Forest

In this online learning, there are many obstacles in learning, such as lazy to study, often looking at smartphones to check whether there are notifications or not, this forest application can train us not to see notifications all the time and can also focus more on work because of how to use it by planting virtual tree that can grow if we do not open other applications besides the forest, whereas if we exit the forest application, the planted tree will die and must be replanted. This application assesses the length of time we use our smartphones so that the less we use our smartphones, the more trees we plant.

5. Google Drive

Currently, there are many tasks and jobs that require storage space other than the default storage media on the computer, perhaps because of limited storage capacity, Google Drive has become an online storage medium that almost everyone uses to store files in the form of documents, images, audio and video. This application can be accessed in the form of a desktop or smartphone.