5 Technology Trends in the Digital Age Companies Must Face

5 Technology Trends in the Digital Age Companies Must Face

Technological developments are never ending. Every year, there is always a new technology that appears. Fortunately, these innovations can be useful for many people. In various aspects, the use of technology provides unparalleled convenience. Likewise in the company. It’s not just entertainment or hobbies that are filled with technological innovation, even in the business world, there are emerging technologies that can be used to simplify company operations and performance. To deal with this technological innovation, of course there must be an open hand to accept technology and apply it to the company’s operations. What are the technology trends in the digital era that companies must face today?

Extended Reality

The first technology in the digital era is Extended Reality. This technology is a concept that cuts the distance associated with people’s lives and work. In the past, everything seemed difficult to reach because of the distance difference, now it is no longer. With virtualization technology and additional engineering, the business between customers and companies can be done faster and feels closer to extended reality.

Citizen AI

The second technology in the digital era is Citizen AI. Hearing the word AI aka artificial intelligence, then this technology should be easier to accept because more and more aspects of technology use AI. In citizen AI, companies can benefit greatly. In the past, everything had to be handled by humans, especially in dealing with customers, now everything can be done by machines because artificial intelligence can be included in various programs that are able to respond back to customers such as chatbots.

Frictionless Business

Besides Extended Reality and Citizen AI, there is another technology called Frictionless Business. This technology makes business growth even bigger. The trick is to have a cooperation strategy based on technology. As you know, technology makes everything faster. This will also have an impact with the rapid expansion of business networks and change the existing ecosystem towards a better and conducive to the use of technology as well.

Veracity data

Another trend in the digital era is data veracity. For this technology, the company provides a different approach in management. Yes, when you are not technology literate, leadership is only carried out in one direction so that everything comes out of one funnel. But not with veracity data. Two-way leadership style is the key to keeping data accurate and making room for data manipulation to be minimized. That way, business affairs within the company should be able to run more smoothly.

Internet of Thinking

The latest trend in the digital age that companies have to deal with is the Internet of Thinking. With the breadth of the internet world coupled with the number of people who are familiar with the internet, this borderless world can be used for a comprehensive knowledge distribution system. The internet can be maintained as a capital to educate people and provide them with more knowledge that can be used for daily activities. In the end, the company will benefit because they can get sufficient resources for operations, plus knowledge of technology makes it easier for them to be accepted in systems that are already embedded in technology.