5 Tips for Making a Professional Website Design Guide

5 Tips for Making a Professional Website Design Guide

A good website design can provide a different experience for each user, moreover, every function on the website will affect every decision of your visitors. Functioning properly or not all depends on each user.

What’s more, every visitor’s needs and desires will definitely be different. For this reason, the use of design and functions on the appropriate website will not only make it professional but can also attract more new opportunities that come through the content contained on the website.

Make a minimalist homepage and customize it according to its function

Create a homepage that your users can and easily understand. Actions that will provide decisions tailored to the needs of your users. So make sure your website has gone through the user experience (UX) stages that match your target needs. Make sure the appearance of your website homepage is easy to remember and users will be able to find a solution from your website. Don’t forget to display appropriate keywords and describe the entirety of what you have to offer. Don’t forget to use icons or images as an alternative to communicate the points of your website

Eye catching design

Make designs that fit on every device as technology continues to evolve, make sure your designers design and organize content clearly and directly. Because it only takes a few seconds to lure customers through the information listed. Also make sure you pay attention to the composition of the color, size, and contrast to give the page an eye-catching appearance.

Easy-to-read website content

Readability is the key to whether or not the content on your website is accepted. First, make sure the sentence selection is appropriate and not too long. The second is that the words (slogans / quotes) that are displayed must be short and without verbose. Because the text that is displayed must provide information will provide efficiency

Try to do this so that the content on your website is easy to use.

Contrast is key: Make sure to choose a contrasting color so that the text that is displayed is clear and identifies or represents your website. But don’t be afraid to play with colors, as a form of creativity that you want to show.

Apart from choosing a contrasting color, make sure you also choose an appropriate text size and font to maximize the appearance of your website. Do the combination with the appropriate composition and not too much

Has easy navigation

Create a solid navigation to deliver the best user experience for example by putting a logo on the homepage. This is an attempt at branding your own. Furthermore, the menu at the top (header) is arranged according to the importance of each section.

Also provide some alternative navigation, for example your web version is long-scrolling, try using one click, to quickly return to the top page, or go straight to the bottom. The footer is the last thing you might see on your website, but don’t forget to include important links such as contacts, FAQs, and social media icons needed by your visitors.

Mobile Friendly

Everyone is now connected via a mobile or mobile device so the question is what will be seen first when visitors access your website? Create a mobile friendly design that can be adapted to all mobile devices to provide a different experience for users visiting your website. Always do a test run on each page to maximize and position as a user.

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