5 types of hackers in the world, really sophisticated!

5 types of hackers in the world, really sophisticated!

When talking about technology, of course it cannot be separated from the word hacker is a part of it. Hacker is a call for someone, who is able to control a system in a website or website remotely.

Even though it sounds sophisticated, hackers don’t always have a good role. its kind.

Black hat

This is the term for a hacker, most commonly known by people, that is, a hacker who has evil motives in it. Not only taking advantage to enrich themselves, these antagonistic hackers are also able to take over a system easily and also retrieve other important data. This is what makes black hat hackers so dangerous.

White hat

Where there is an antagonist character, there must be a protagonist. In the hacker world, the white hat is the kind of good hacker who does something positive. Someone who is in it, will usually try to find the weak points of a system and provide solutions so that the system is not easily penetrated.

Gray hat

This hacker activity can not be predicted. This is because the person behind it can act as an antagonist or protagonist hacker, depending on the situation and conditions.

No wonder that hackers like this cannot be trusted completely.


Have you ever seen several hijacked websites with protesting writings? Actually the people behind it can be called a hacktivist. Someone with this role, usually has a high concern and convey their aspirations through big websites.

Script kiddie

For this one, it is not yet included in the dangerous hacker category because it is still a beginner. Hackers like this usually try to hack websites using scripts that have been previously available.

The goal is usually only to learn technology programming at a professional level. Hopefully, some of the types of hackers above can help you get to know the people behind today’s technology. Sophisticated, right?