6 Kinds of the Best Database Software

6 Kinds of the Best Database Software

Database software is one type of software that is also a very important part of the computer. There are various database software that can be part of processing on a computer. With this database software the computer can run well and can run according to what is used. In general, there are several types of database software that are often used as follows. Database becomes quite important in managing your project. However, choosing the best database is often not an easy job. You need to make sure first whether the database matches the type of data you are using. In addition, the features must also meet the needs of your project. The following are some database software that you should know:

Microsoft Access

This database software is very suitable to be used for most relational computers. Even though many home computers are only used for light needs, many also use Microsoft Access as a mainstay data base to use. This software is the basis used for data from the Microsoft Jet Database Engine and some graphical displays that are often used by home users. This database is available for various series and the most recent one is Microsoft Office System 2007. This database is easy to use so it is favored by many novice developers. The features it offers are quite simple. Starting from the built-in wizard, templates and queries to modify the database. In addition, this database has a Visual Table feature to display data tables in visual design. So, this feature will make it easier for you to create, edit, delete and check data tables.


This database software is one of the databases that can store data with a fairly maximum size, which is up to a size of tera bytes. This database software is one of the databases that is often chosen and often used because it is easy to download and also has a free download version. Oracle is also one of the database software that is suitable for beginners who want to learn about databases. Oracle is a popular relational database application. One reason, this database has high performance. Oracle was able to maintain data processing speed despite the increase in workload. In addition, Oracle is multi-user so it can be accessed together with other users. Interestingly, when data input increases, generally the data storage capacity will be depleted and the data processing speed will decrease. The language used for Oracle uses the SQL standard language. So that causes Oracle to also become a relational database which also consists of various data collected into one in a management system based on RDBMS. Later this database can then be used for various types of brands and types of computers on the market.

Ms SQL Server

For this database software is a database which is a relational database management system used for Microsoft products. The language used for queries from this database software is the Transact-SQL language which is a combination of the ANSI/ISO standard SQL. This language is also a database software language that is often used for Microsoft or Sybase. At first this database could only be used for small to medium-scale data, but now it can be used even for large-scale data. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best databases for projects that manage a lot of sensitive data. This database has a Data Discovery Classification feature that can group public, private and public data. That way, you can design a security system based on the level of data sensitivity


For database software, this one is one of the most open databases for all open sources and can be used for all platforms such as Linux or Windows. The advantage of this database software is that the use of this database software can be used for multi users because the database accessor in this software uses a network program. The difference is, this database has a version that can be used for free because it is open source. You can get MySQL for free because this database has been distributed for free under the GPL license. With this system, you can download and use this database software for free. MySQL has become one of the most superior databases when compared to other database servers, especially for data query problems. This is because the speed of sharing data in this database software is faster when compared to others.

Postgre SQL

This database software functions as a tool used to build a database server that is only open source with a GPL or General Public License license. The programming languages used for Postrge SQL include SQL, C, C++, Java, PHP and others. By using this database software, you can modify and distribute freely and for free without having to pay for a license. It can be used for various needs, whether it is for personal use, public or even for educational needs.


Firebird or commonly known as FirebirdSL is a database management system that offers a variety of standard features. The features that you can get for this one database include ANSI SQL-99 and also SQL-2003. This database is very usable and can run quickly when used for Linux, Windows and even for some Unix platforms. For Firebird itself, it is the latest module that has been refined in several parts which makes it even more optimal.