6 Tips for Buying a Used Computer That Is Still of Good Quality

6 Tips for Buying a Used Computer That Is Still of Good Quality

Computer equipment whose prices began to rise with the times made computer users with limited costs prefer to buy used computers or what are commonly called second. Of course, secondhand or secondhand goods have a higher risk of damage than new goods. However, this theory does not always apply, we can choose used goods that are still of good quality, let’s call it a computer. Choosing a used computer that is still of good quality is certainly not easy. We have to consider several things to be aware of. Here are tips for buying a used computer that is still of good quality

1. Consult with the closest person who is already an expert

The first tip to buy a used computer is that we must consult with those closest to us who already understand more than us. Because the computer has several components of various types and versions. If we consult with people who know more, it will be very helpful for us. But if we feel we understand and believe in what we know, there is nothing wrong with trying. My advice, try to consult with people who know more, in order to avoid a higher level of damage.

2. Asking Computer Warranty

For the second way this can be done if you buy a computer at a store. Ask if there is a guarantee and the possibility of money back. Usually a good store will provide a minimum warranty of 2 weeks for the purchase of a used computer or hardware device. These tips are very important if we are going to resell the computer that we bought. Because, the warranty is one of the guarantees that indicate the store is willing to be responsible if the goods that have been sold have problems.

3. Check the Components

The third way is that we have to check the components that are inside the computer case. For example, the component is a hard drive. This hardware is one of the most vulnerable components to damage. To check it, you can see the condition of the hard drive. If it’s still good, of course we can continue to check the next component. However, if you see that the hardware is no longer good and you add the sound it makes when the computer starts booting up, then we have to reconsider choosing that computer.

4. Check Output Components

This last tip can be said to be important, and it can also be said not to be. Because some people buy computers with their own goals. The trick is that we have to check the output components of the computer. For example, if the computer has sound, we can check the sound, it can also check the results of the display on the monitor screen, and so on.

5. Check the Specifications Observantly

This fourth tip is that we must carefully check the specifications of the computer that we are going to buy. Make sure all the hardware installed is appropriate, lest there are components that do not match, whether it’s too high or too low specifications. Because if we let it, our computer will have problems. The average computer that has problems due to hardware incompatibility is overhead, and so on. My advice is to be more observant to check the specifications of the computer that we are going to buy.

6. Compare Prices With New ones

It’s as good as used goods, new goods must still be good. Therefore, before buying a used computer, it’s a good idea to compare the prices. Because, in the field, many people buy used computers because they are cheap compared to new ones. But there are some new and used computers that have a price comparison that is not too flashy.