6 Tips for Cleaning the Fan to Keep it Durable and Fresh

6 Tips for Cleaning the Fan to Keep it Durable and Fresh

Fans are an ideal choice to dissipate the heat. Besides being cheaper than air conditioning, the air produced by the fan also feels fresher. In addition, the fan also does not consume large electricity costs such as air conditioning. The types of fans are also quite diverse, there are standing fans, desk fans and wall fans. The fresh air and the low cost of electricity sometimes make us lazy to turn it off. Not infrequently the fan is often left running all day and even days. The longer the time, the more dust and dirt stuck to the fan. As a result, the quality of the air we breathe decreases due to a build-up of dust and dirt. In addition to making the air not fresh, the dust that accumulates on the fan also makes it damaged quickly, you know! Therefore, clean the fan regularly at least once a month. The following are tips for cleaning the fan to keep it durable and fresh

1. Unplug the cable

The first step before cleaning the fan is to unplug it first. Make sure your fan is not connected to electricity when cleaning it later. After that, let it sit for a while to remove the heat from the engine. Cleaning the fan while it is still plugged in can be dangerous.

2. Prepare tools

The next tip for cleaning the fan is to prepare the tools. Prepare a rag (dry and wet), screwdriver, soap, sponge, and broom to clean the dust that falls. Don’t forget to wear a face mask when cleaning the fan, OK! This is to keep your breathing from flying dust when cleaning it later. If there is, you can also prepare a vacuum cleaner to clean more dust.

3. Remove the propeller cover

The first step is to remove the cover of the propeller by unscrewing the screw using a screwdriver. Do it carefully, you can ask someone else to hold on to the side of the cover so it doesn’t fall off after the screw is released. If you are alone, remove the propeller cover with the fan lying down. Lay down the fan slowly so that it doesn’t shake and break.

4. Clean the propeller cover

If the propeller cover has come off, yes, it’s time to clean. To be more practical, here, you can flush the propeller cover thoroughly using a water hose or shower. The water pressure in the hose or shower will make the dust that sticks out quickly. You can also wash it using a sponge and soap to make it cleaner and more hygienic. After that, dry the cover of the propeller using a clean dry cloth.

5. Clean the propeller

The next tip is to clean the fan blades. It is in these blades that dust accumulates and will fly if the fan is turned on. If in doubt about removing it, you can simply clean the dust on the blades with a dry cloth. Then, wipe again using a damp cloth and dry. If you can remove it, remove the dust with a small broom or vacuum cleaner. After that, flush with water and wash using dish soap. Before installing, dry the blades using a cloth until the water is absorbed. Don’t forget to also clean the circulation holes. If not cleaned, over time the engine can be disturbed because of the accumulated dirt.

6. Wipe the head and the entire body of the fan

Don’t forget to also clean the back, head, and entire body of the fan. First remove the accumulated dust with a dry cloth, then wipe it again with a damp cloth. Even though you can’t see the dusty body of the fan, it can also interfere with breathing, you know! After that, wipe the head and body of the fan again with a dry cloth.