6 Ways to Take Care of a Blender to Make it Durable

6 Ways to Take Care of a Blender to Make it Durable

Blender is one of the electronics commonly found in home kitchens, offices, and restaurants. A blender is a tool that must be in the kitchen because it has many functions, one of which is to refine food ingredients. Blender is also a kitchen tool that is used quite often. Of course, to keep your blender’s life long, you need to take good care of it. Although there are many types of blenders in circulation, generally the way to care for a blender is the same. Each type of blender must have a blade to grind food ingredients. This blade serves to smooth the food ingredients that are inserted into the blender container. Of course the longer and more often the blender is used, the blade will become dull. To minimize this, of course you need to take care of the blades of the blender. Here are 5 ways to take care of your blender to make it durable and long lasting

Make sure the dose is right

The thing you can do to take care of your blender is to make sure the amount of food ingredients matches the capacity of the blender container. A dose that does not match the blender container or even exceeds the capacity, will certainly burden the performance of the blender machine. Generally, the limit for the ingredients in the blender container is no more than half. So, it’s better to divide it if it doesn’t fit in your blender container. On the other hand, the blades in the blender will dull faster because they need to grind more food ingredients. You can also chop the food ingredients that will be put in the blender container first. This will make it easier for the blender to grind food so that the performance of the blender machine will be lighter.

Start at Low Speed

When going to grind food, always try to start at the lowest speed. It is intended that the blender machine does not directly use a large amount of power which can make the life of the blender machine short. If you start from the lowest speed and then slowly increase the speed, then the blender machine will also adjust to the food ingredients that are entered.

Clean regularly

What you can do is clean the blender regularly, especially after use. Avoid washing the blender container using dish soap, so that the remaining food ingredients and odors disappear. To clean the blender body, you simply clean it using a cloth. Clean the outside of the body, usually there are traces or droplets of food remaining. Make sure the plug is unplugged from the wall outlet.

Keep Blender in a Safe Place

Storing the blender so that it lasts must be in a safe place. The safe place in question is a dry and cool place such as in a cupboard and out of reach of children. Storing the blender in a wet place, of course, will make the components in the blender short. So make sure to always place it in a dry place. Do not store the blender near the oven or stove, it will certainly cause problems with the blender because it can damage the components of the blender.

Don’t Turn on the Blender Too Long

When you use a blender, it’s best not to turn it on for too long. Usually the time it takes a blender to grind food ingredients is no more than the limit of using a blender of about 10 to 30 minutes depending on the type of blender. You can refer to the manual provided by the blender manufacturer. Make sure not to exceed the time limit of using the blender so that your blender has a long life.

Keep away from children

The final way to care for your blender is to keep it out of the reach of children. A blender is an electrical tool that is quite expensive and very susceptible to breaking or cracking. So it needs to be kept out of reach of children. To keep it away, you can place the blender in a place that is at least inaccessible to children such as on a table, or in a cupboard. Sharp blades also need to be considered, because they can injure children. So you need to store it carefully.