6 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop to Stay Durable

6 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop to Stay Durable

The more often you use a laptop, of course you also have to know how to take care of the right laptop so that it can still be used for years. It will be very unfortunate if your laptop is often in and out of the service area. In addition to being wasteful in costs, besides that, your work will also be disrupted. Therefore it is very important to know tips and how to care for the right laptop. For that, here are tips for caring for a laptop to keep it durable:

1. Avoid using a laptop on a bed

Do you often use your laptop on a mattress or pillow? Turning on and using a laptop on a soft object such as a mattress or pillow will disrupt air circulation from the bottom of the laptop, because the holes are blocked by the mattress or pillow. This causes the air that should be sucked into the laptop becomes clogged, eventually circulation is not smooth and causes cooling of the components not optimally. Overheated components cause damage quickly. It is better to make it a habit to put the laptop in a flat place so that air circulation can run properly.

2. Never put drinks near the laptop

At work, we often need food or drink to maintain the mood. However, putting a drink next to the laptop is tantamount to getting closer to danger. If your hand accidentally bumps the glass and the drink inside spills onto the laptop, it will be very dangerous for the components inside. Therefore, try to put the drink a bit away from the laptop, or choose a drink holder that doesn’t spill easily. It is intended to avoid possible incidents of water spilling onto your laptop.

3. Give your laptop a break

The laptop will not turn off immediately if you use it continuously without taking a break, for example 2 or 3 days in a row. However, the impact you will receive is more on the long-term effects. You also need to rest the laptop for a while to cool the components inside. Because we all know that laptop cooling fans are very limited, unlike cooling computers.

4. Don’t let the laptop battery run out

When using a laptop, don’t let your guard down and forget that the battery has run out. Immediately charge the laptop before the laptop actually dies because it runs out of battery. Frequently leaving the laptop battery empty will shorten the battery life. You better fill it up before it’s completely depleted. To be more secure, when the battery indicator shows the number 20{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} you have to prepare a charger, and charge it immediately when the indicator shows 10{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220}.

5. Turn off the laptop properly

Turn off the laptop according to the steps it should take, don’t just turn it off by pressing the power button. This is also a way to take care of a laptop so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Turn off the laptop using the system, by clicking the shutdown icon on your laptop screen.

6. Avoid placing heavy objects on the laptop

This is often not realized by laptop users, putting things on a laptop that is closed. Remember, never put heavy objects on the laptop. When the laptop is pressed by a very heavy object, this will be very risky on the LCD because the LCD should not be subjected to heavy pressure. Therefore, it would be better if you don’t use the laptop as a placemat or place to put things, even if you only put books.