6 Ways to Take Care of an LED TV to Last

6 Ways to Take Care of an LED TV to Last

Television sets are one of the electronic goods that are often used as a means of entertainment at home. Without his presence, the atmosphere of gathering with family will feel lonely and boring. The invention of television is able to change the lifestyle of people in the world. Almost every house you visit must have a TV, as if it is an electronic item that must be seen in the living room. The latest technology is able to change the glass screen at home into a Smart TV that can be connected to the internet network. Flat screen televisions that are LCD, LED, OLED or AMOLED all have a lifespan. Behind its sophistication, furniture in the form of electronic equipment certainly needs maintenance, so that it can last for a period of up to many years. Here’s how to care for your TV to keep it durable:

Pay Attention to Layout

When buying a new LED TV, the first thing that comes to mind is placement. Do not place the television in a dusty place, because dust can cover the air circulation holes causing the LED TV to heat up quickly. Place the item in a high area or attach it to the wall using a Wall Mount. When installing the LED TV to the wall, it is advisable to leave a distance of about 10 cm as a gap for air circulation. So that the temperature inside the television is maintained properly. You can also place the TV in a room where the temperature is relatively low or near the AC (Air Conditioner). Make sure the installation is correct and tighten the bolts so they don’t fall off if there is a slight bump. Oh yes, you can also place the TV on a flat table, if you don’t want to stick it to the wall. Paying attention to the layout in the placement of television sets, is one way that can be taken to take care of your LED TV.

Avoid the Sun

It turns out that there are still other factors that need to be considered, namely sunlight. This aspect is also very important in caring for your LED TV so that it remains durable. Heat from sunlight that directly hits the LCD TV screen will cause the chemicals in the LCD to deteriorate, thereby shortening the life of the device. In addition, radiation from sunlight will also affect screens with LED types. Not only that, the effect of sunlight on the television screen will result in a glare when we watch. Our eyes are also unable to see the images and colors produced by the TV because of the glare effect. Adjust the lighting side when you will install an LED TV at home. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight or its reflection of light. To make the viewing atmosphere more comfortable and enjoyable.

Keep Away From Magnet

Actually what damaged the television was its magnetic field. When electric and magnetic fields are combined, they produce electromagnetic radiation. Where, the strong radiation will interfere with the performance of the TV. We recommend that you do not store items that contain electromagnetic waves near the LED TV. This will cause distortion in the image on the television. In fact, tube TV cases are often found with purplish images due to magnetism. We often encounter people who put Sound Systems or Active Speakers close to the television. Well, that’s one of the reasons your LED TV’s lifespan is getting shorter.

Reduce Screen Brightness

LED TVs use LED Backlight technology as the basis for lighting. Some of its advantages have been discussed in various online media. Every electronic item, including television, of course has a lifetime or age. The average LED TV can last above 75 thousand hours, even for certain brands it can be even longer. One way to care for an LED TV is to extend the life of the LED Backlight, by reducing the backlight ratio. Regardless of the television brand you buy, we can adjust these settings.

Clean TV Screen

Along with using it for a long time, the television will of course be dusty and need to be cleaned. The technique of cleaning the screen area should also not be arbitrary. Use a special dusting cloth, such as a chamois or flannel. Do not spray any liquid on the television screen. But wet the chamois, then wipe the screen clean. You can use any cleaning fluid, but avoid those that contain alcohol or are harsh. This can damage the pigment of the television screen. The correct way to care for an LED TV is to take a clean chamois, cover the cloth with a special, non-alcoholic, soft detergent. Then wipe it on your television screen evenly, let it dry.

Turn off the Television

As I have previously informed that the LED Backlight has a lifespan. Therefore, turn on the television when you are watching it, no matter how long you watch it, just enjoy it. After you finish watching, you should turn off your LED TV, don’t leave it on all the time. Actually there is a better step, namely by unplugging the television.