7 Applications To Create Websites That You Must Know

7 Applications To Create Websites That You Must Know

There are many applications and tools that you can use to build websites. Whatever problems you encounter when building a website, there is always an application that can solve those problems. Web design apps make your design task easier. The following are applications that can be used to build websites:

1. WordPress CMS

You could say that WordPress is a strong competitor to Blogger. These two brands are competing fiercely in terms of the number of users. In terms of requirements, WordPress also only requires prospective users to have an active e-mail account. However, if Blogger is more segment oriented towards Google Mail, WordPress tends to be neutral on all e-mail services.

2. InVision Studio

InVision Studio comes packed with many features to help you create beautiful interactive interfaces, including tools for fast prototyping, responsive web design, and working with design systems. In addition, you can create these custom animations and transitions from a number of gestures and interactions such as swiping, clicking, and hoovering. You can see the results of your website directly by exporting the website prototype through InVision. InVision has a Layout engine feature that automatically adjusts the design of your website both on desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens. That way you don’t need to set the level of responsiveness and can focus more on website design.

3. Sketch

Bohemian Coding’s Sketch is one of the most used web design platforms. Sketch is a very powerful vector-based tool for collaboratively building interfaces and prototypes. Sketch is made specifically for creating websites and applications so there are no features that could potentially damage the interface and it’s faster, more efficient with a wide range of features. The built-in grid system in Sketch makes it easy to design your interface, when compared to Photoshop which has similar features, Sketch is far superior because it is lighter, and user friendly. But unfortunately the sketch is only available for Mac OS and there is no news of the presence of the sketch on other platforms.

4. Notepad++

Notepad++ comes with a cleaner and simpler look without looking crowded even though it has many functions, because the functions that used to be in notepad are grouped into appropriate menus and some of them can be accessed from the menu at the top of the application.

5. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is definitely not a new tool and you must be familiar with this web application. In its latest version, bootstrap introduces a new responsive container, and a new responsive .row-cols class to efficiently define the number of columns at breakpoints. Bootstrap also recently launched an open source Icon library called Bootstrap Icons. Bootstrap icon is designed to be in sync with other Bootstrap components.

6. Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The Adobe Dreamweaver CC application is one of the most recommended applications by many creative industry players, especially web developing. This application acts as a visual which is very useful for designing, publishing and managing websites. The Dreamweaver application offers many powerful features for designers and programmers. Although at first it was considered too difficult for beginners, but now Adobe’s onboarding experience is designed to help anyone who is just starting a website building project even the process from scratch. The Dreamweaver CC application uses a code editor that works well on both Windows PC and Mac devices. This capability is a time saver in designing sites for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

7. PageBreeze

The PageBreeze application is an HTML editor application that has won many programmers’ hearts, and even won several awards as the best HTML editor. Its main capabilities are the presence of a visual mode (WYSIWYG) and HTML tags or sources. PageBreeze emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, so it can be recommended for novice users.