7 Habits That Can Damage Gadget Instantly

7 Habits That Can Damage Gadget Instantly

Smartphones are the most important things and must be carried everywhere. This one tool has become an item that cannot be separated from your hands, but many people forget to pay attention to the condition of their cellphones. You know, it turns out that we have unconsciously done things that can damage smartphones? You should read this article for what you shouldn’t do.

Let Your Smartphone Overheat

Playing graphics-heavy games, watching videos, using them under the hot sun, or doing any activity non-stop will usually overheat or overheat your cellphone. From now on you must avoid this. The most threatening danger is that HP explodes.

Meet the Storage Media

If your smartphone has a lot of internal storage space, it doesn’t matter. For those of you who have a cellphone with a small internal storage, you can add external storage media with microSD. Filling up storage space will indeed make your cellphone explode, but this will make your cellphone’s performance decrease.

Employ Nonstop Smartphones

Just like when you turn off your computer when not in use, turning off your cellphone when not in use can also be a good idea. You can turn off your cellphone when you are busy doing activities such as when watching at the cinema, on an exam, or while you are sleeping. Giving time to rest will extend the life of your smartphone.

Exposure to Liquids

Not all smartphones are waterproof, just a few drops of water can damage the components on our cellphones. So when going to do activities that are in contact with water, you have to make sure your cellphone is using a waterproof case.

Overnight Charges

If only done a few times, no problem. But if you do this every night, your cellphone battery life is guaranteed not to last long. It’s better not to charge the battery overnight too often.

Forgot to update the application

Every application will definitely make an update to fix every bug that occurred from the previous version. That is to make the application work properly, if it is not updated then the performance of your cellphone will definitely be hampered. So if you are forgetful, just activate the auto-update option in your application settings.

Install applications carelessly

Never install applications from untrusted sources. Because the application could have been entered by a virus or malware. Malware on smartphones can be more dangerous than malware on computers, it can track wherever you go or steal important data.