7 Impacts of Technological Developments on the Business World

7 Impacts of Technological Developments on the Business World

The changing times are unavoidable. Technology is developing very rapidly and has spurred many digital-based startup companies to appear. Not only have companies recently adopted this technological development for their business, but old companies and companies with conventional business models have started to adopt digital technology for their companies.

There have been many impacts of technological developments on the business world in recent years after entering the digital era. Although Indonesia only felt this change starting a few years ago, in fact the industrial revolution itself has broken through the United States since the 1990s.

Here are some of the impacts of technological developments on the business industry.

The emergence of a new profession.

The terms digital marketing, data scientists, content creators, influencers may not be unfamiliar to us. But before the advent of technology in Indonesia, this field of work was very rare. Now in this digital era, this field of work is very common in every company. In fact, conventional companies have started to adopt digital technology and are looking for workers for this field of work.

Digital based company.

Almost all products that were previously sold and offered conventionally are now turning to digital media. Starting from online stores, online-based transportation, online financial services, and many more. This opportunity is taken by new entrepreneurs and veterans to establish new companies with digital-based business models.

The artificial intelligence workforce

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, human labor began to be replaced by machines / robotics. Now the transition to an artificial intelligence-based workforce is beginning to appear. One example is the use of bots. A bot is a system that mimics human behavior according to programming. Lately, many bots have been implemented in the customer care division. So, when we need help and ask questions, it is these bots who answer and help us. For now the application is only limited to the operational part. However, it is possible that in the future it will replace the decision makers.

The emergence of new business opportunities

With so many e-commerce sites popping up, social media is expanding, the easier it is to access the internet, the easier it will be to do business independently. With a small enough capital we can open our own business. Cb not that we also have to be like them. Enough with the device to access the internet we can be creative and entrepreneurial. Suppose someone has expertise in music. Previously, they had to go around from one place to another to show their talents, now it is enough to upload their work to YouTube or other digital media to be shown to the public. For those who trade, they can sell through e-commerce sites without having to have the capital to open a shop. Various kinds of opportunities to try are more open through this technological development.

A wider market

Through the internet, everyone can easily connect with other people. Access to knowledge and something new is even easier to get. This is used by business people to reach potential consumers and their users. What used to be limited to certain cities or regions, now entrepreneurs can more easily reach and expand into new markets.

The increasing demand for IT workers

With more and more digital-based companies or companies adopting digital technology, the demand for IT workers is also increasing. IT jobs are increasingly diverse. Not only a programmer, but also growing and starting to have each segment and focus. Such as data scientists, full-stack developers, system analysts, technical product managers, and many more.

New standards for prospective workers

Now almost all companies expect their workers and prospective workers to have a basic understanding of current technology. Starting from the most basic, such as computer operation to the use of software for data processing.

Workers are now required to be skilled in various fields that are usually related to technology. Although the field of work provided does not revolve around the technology sector, all company operations will certainly use technology.

Although this advancement in technology has been welcomed by many parties, many also feel afraid and threatened by this development. But still change is something that cannot be avoided. Instead of feeling afraid and resigning, we better take advantage of the changes and take risks to develop more.