7 Most Advanced Technology Innovations in 2019-2020

7 Most Advanced Technology Innovations in 2019-2020

2019 and 2020 have passed, this is the right time to look back at the achievements that we have achieved this year. It can be said that the end of the last year has been a great year for technological developments. There are various technologies that were successfully created, developed, and increasingly popularized this year. Everything, without realizing it, can change our daily life.What are the technologies in question? How sophisticated are they? Check out the following reviews!

5G service

The first most popular technology is 5G or fifth generation of wireless technology. When using the service, all internet and telephone connections will be much faster and more stable.This technology was created this year, but because it was not completely completed, it couldn’t be used first. However, according to predictions from various sources, we will be able to enjoy it on new smartphones and gadgets that will be released next year.

Foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphones or folding screen phones finally materialized in 2019. You might think that the first company to make it was Samsung. But it wasn’t. Royole, a brand from China, was the first to release a foldable smartphone. Apart from that, this innovation will become a new trend that changes the world of gadgets. There are quite a number of companies that have developed foldable smartphones. Including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Oppo, Motorola, and even Apple.

Spot Robot

Last June, Boston Dynamics released their newest robot, Spot Robot. The shape is indeed strange, which is like a headless dog. The technology was created for various things, but the main thing is to help navigate. It can be ordered to go anywhere, avoid any obstacle on the way, and can even tow a stalled vehicle. Multifunctional, right?

Google Stadia

Stadia is a game streaming service that was just released last November. Not only that, this product from Google also has a form of a controller that only needs to be connected to smart TVs, laptops and other gadgets. Through this innovation, Google wants to shift video games to cloud-based services. So, you can stream games anywhere and anytime without needing to install again.

Biohacking In Humans

Biohacking or DIY biology is a term used to describe a science experiment on a specific organism. In fact, the term has been used for centuries. But in 2019, biohacking has skyrocketed again because many people are doing it on their own. here are several examples of biohacking. First, a team from Cyborg Nest once implanted a compass under the skin to alert the cardinal points. Then there is also biomagnets, which is inserting a small, cylindrical magnet into the finger. This will allow us to draw metal.

Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are a technology that was greatly developed this year, particularly by IBM and Google. It’s a very fast and predictable type of computer that can do all sorts of complex things. With all its sophistication, quantum computers will change various aspects of our lives.

AR and VR

These two technologies were not created in 2019. However, you can observe that both AR and VR were very much developed at the end of this decade. AR began to be used for everyday life. For example, Instagram filters, technology for shopping, and even as educational materials. So is VR. We can use it to play games, study, for the world of medicine, and even military training. Both will continue to grow and be used more and more in the future.Among all the technologies mentioned, which one do you think is the most significant? What are the technological developments in the next year going to be like?