7 Video Editing Applications That Are Suitable for Beginner YouTubers

7 Video Editing Applications That Are Suitable for Beginner YouTubers

The skill that a YouTuber needs to have is editing videos, this is the main asset you need to have.

Special software is required to edit videos, the quality of YouTube content is good or not depending on your editing skills.

So, for that, here are 7 video editing applications that are suitable for beginners.


Adobe Premiere Pro

The average person uses this software to edit videos, because it has complete features to support editing activities. Unfortunately Adobe Premiere is not a free application.

However, because this feature is very complete for editing videos, it is not a problem to buy this professional video editing application.


Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is an application with features that make it easy to edit videos, many beginners choose this application for editing videos.

However, unfortunately this application is paid and can only be installed on Apple devices, so not all PCs / laptops can install this application.


Corel Video Photo

Like the two applications above, Corel Video Photo can only be used and installed on a PC / laptop device.

This application is indeed simpler than Adobe Premiere Pro, but it does not have complete features.

This application is perfect for those of you who are learning and are starting to learn to edit videos.

Corel already provides many templates that can be used to support your video editing. Starting from transition videos, templates for opening videos (intros), filters, to background music.



Want to edit videos with a free application? Well, this is perfect for those of you who want to learn to edit videos without having to spend money to install the application.

However, the file size in this application is quite large. Take it easy, you will still get the maximum final editing result.



Want to edit videos without having to use a PC? Yup! You can download this application on an iPhone or Android smartphone, so editing videos will be even easier.

Relax, KineMaster is perfect for beginners because it has complete features and the final result of your video looks professional.

The features presented in this application are multilayer for video, adjusting audio, adding images, stickers, and handwriting in video clips.



Many people use this application to edit videos on smartphones and of course it can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

The app can cut and merge clips, and includes hundreds of effects from stickers and filters. VivaVideo also provides a slow motion feature.


Movie Maker Filmmaker

This application is free or paid, you know! Because this application is free, lots of advertisements appear which are quite annoying.

But, take it easy that the features that are served are quite complete and very easy to operate. Its features include live video effects, text animation effects, slideshow music and so on.

Overall, this application is useful for making short videos.

So, there are quite a lot of applications that you can use to edit videos, right? So, there are no more obstacles for you to start a career as a YouTuber.