7 Ways to Maintain a Good Headset to be Durable and Long Lasting

7 Ways to Maintain a Good Headset to be Durable and Long Lasting

Earphones and headsets are electronic objects that are a mainstay for listening to songs or enjoying sound while watching videos / movies from the devices we use. Especially earphones are usually also used for calling. And headsets are commonly used for desktop devices both for enjoying multimedia content and for playing games.

Earphones and headsets also have a function as a substitute for speakers. Because we certainly cannot rely on speakers continuously, especially if they are used in public places.

Because it has many benefits and functions, the headset is one of the favorite items for many people, perhaps including you. Unfortunately, the headset is often “abandoned” in its maintenance. Unlike laptops that are often taken care of or DSLR cameras that are diligently maintained, some of us think that headsets need not be maintained.

Even though like other electronic items, headsets need to be maintained and cared for. Unfortunately, not a few people care to take care of the headset. It’s only when it starts to break down that we start to worry about our favorite headset, especially if it’s expensive.

So before the headset breaks down and we continue to spend money on buying new ones, we better take care of our headsets. Don’t worry, caring for the headset won’t be as difficult as you might think. Immediately, check the points on how to care for the following headsets.

7 Ways to Maintain a Good Headset

Avoid Maximum Volume

Do you often wear a headset with a volume setting that is too loud or too high? If often, it’s best to get rid of this habit. Too often adjusting the maximum sound will make the components on the headset or earphone vulnerable to damage. The sound from the headset also has the potential not to have a clear sound like at the beginning of use.

In addition, setting the sound too loud will make the headset sound leak. Try checking, if the sound of your headset is no longer muffled alias can be heard from outside even though the volume is set to low? If so, it means you often use a headset with a high volume setting.

One more thing, using a headset at high volume is also not good for your ears. The effect, the ear has decreased sensitivity in hearing soft sounds. Therefore, from now on, it’s best to listen to songs or watch videos without using a sound setting that is too high.

Rewinding the Headset Cable Correctly

Headsets and earphones have a long cord and it can sometimes make you dizzy if the cord is tangled or irregular, such as twisted. Want to tidy up also makes you dizzy. To anticipate this, you should tidy up the headset cable by curling it, but not just curling it. Here’s how to wind the headset cable properly:

Take your three fingers (index, middle, ring finger) close to the cable and then wrap the cable around the three fingers.

  •     Do not all cables are wound, leave less than 10 cm in length.
  •     Remove three fingers from the roll of the headset cable.
  •     Hold the coil with both hands leaving a blank space in the middle.
  •     Wrap the remaining unwound cable as a tie.
  •     Insert the headset plug in the middle of the roll.

If this method is too complicated, you can choose a wireless headset such as a bluetooth headset. Or if you stick to a wired headset, you can use the method from the Robert Matthews Aston University, UK. The way to tidy up the headset cable is to clamp the cable so that the headset and earbud plugs are close together as shown below.

Cleaning Routine

Headsets also need regular maintenance. Take care of the headset by cleaning the part of the cable which is often stained with stains. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the wires from stains and bacteria.

In addition, clean the dust on the earbuds too. How to clean the dust can use a cotton swab that has been dipped in alcohol with a level of 70{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220}. Can also use a toothbrush. Cleaning the earbuds with a toothbrush can make the headset sound loud again and not discordant.

Drying the Ears and Avoiding Water

One of the causes of the headset is quickly damaged is the presence of water that can enter the earbuds. The name is an electronic item, it will definitely shorten if it is exposed to water. Therefore, you should avoid the earbuds near water.

In addition, we recommend that before using the headset, make sure your ears are dry. It looks trivial, but it can be dangerous and damage the headset. So, after you shower or get caught in the rain, don’t immediately put on the headset until you’re sure your ears are dry.

Storing the Headset in a Special Place

We recommend that you keep the headset in a special place. For example in certain packaging boxes or certain bags. Special boxes can use used boxes or small unused bags. Storing the headset in a special place can avoid the risk of cables getting messy and mixed with other cables.

If you have a gaming headset, you should buy a gaming bag so that the headset is completely protected. Especially when you are out of the house. If you use a regular bag, it is best to avoid friction or pressure from other objects on the headset.

Cleaning the Headset Pad

There are several types of headsets that have soft pads. These pads also need to be cared for and not trimmed. In order for the bearings to last, you should avoid direct sunlight. Also, clean the pad with cotton or microfiber after using the headset. The goal is to keep the headset pads free from sweat and dust.

Headset pads can also be cleaned using a damp cloth or you can use a little soapy water. You can also use a special cleaner for synthetic leather for stuck dirt or stubborn stains on the headset pad.

For those of you who often play games and often use a headset with pads, you should avoid cigarette smoke and excessive sweating. Considering that playing games is usually a long time, there will definitely be sweat pouring out and getting on the headset pads. You can anticipate the sweat sticking, often clean the headset pads as described.

Avoid Lending the Headset to Others

The way to care for the headset so that it lasts is by not using it often together, aka loaning it to people. Think of a headset or earphone as a toothbrush that is specifically used for personal purposes. Imagine if the headset is often borrowed and borrowed, there could be germs from the user who stick to our headset.

The easiest case example, there are many headsets in internet cafes that don’t last long. Usually headsets used for internet cafes are indeed affordable because the owner knows that even if you buy an expensive one, the headset will break down quickly. Obviously because of routine use and different wearers.

Thus an explanation of 7 important points on how to care for a headset or earphone. From this explanation, it is clear that the headset does need to be properly cared for, especially the problem of twisted cables which are often the cause of rapid damage to the headset.