8 Interesting Facts About Wireless Mouse

8 Interesting Facts About Wireless Mouse

We can’t stop talking about technological developments. The reason is, technology will never stop to be developed. All of these things can be proven by the presence of many fantastic electronic items.

If we take an example from the computer world, one of them is a wireless mouse. As the name implies, wireless mice do not use cables in their use but use electromagnetic waves as signals that are used to control the cursor on the monitor. Wireless mice are actually similar to most mice, even in their use there is no difference. The difference is the media only, which usually uses a cable, but this wireless mouse does not.

8 Interesting Facts About Wireless Mouse

This wireless mouse clearly provides more service to its users when compared to a wired mouse. If you don’t believe this statement, then you should know what facts are in this wireless mouse. Here are 8 interesting facts about wireless mice.

No cables, so it’s more spacious

The technology used in this wireless mouse allows users to connect the mouse to a computer without using cables. More precisely, this technology uses 2 additional components that are signaled as transmitters and receivers, so the mouse can be connected without the use of cables at all. So with a wireless mouse, there are no more cables wrapped around your PC or Laptop computer. With this we can feel more spacious and free to play the computer without having to be disturbed by cables that cross.

Using Bluetooth, Infrared and Radio Frequency (RF) technology

In general, wireless mice use 3 types of technology to be used as transmitters and receivers between the mouse and the computer. The three technologies are none other than Bluetooth, Infrared and Radio Frequency. For a wireless mouse that still uses infrared technology, it is considered outdated. Because most wireless mice are now more likely to use Bluetooth and Radio Frequency technology which are considered more reliable. One of the things that strengthens this is, Radio Frequency technology can penetrate the barrier between transmitter and receiver, this is something that cannot be done by infrared.

There is a signal transmitter and receiver

In order for the mouse to be interconnected with the computer, there are 2 main components that can act as transmitters and signal receivers. Usually one of the components will be connected directly to the computer via the USB port while the other components are already installed in the mouse.

Optical or Laser

Currently, wireless mice use Optical and laser which allows for better performance. Optical mouse feels quite good. However, for those who have a need for a mouse with a high level of precision, you should choose a wireless mouse with pinpointing that has high accuracy as well. For these needs, the Laser mouse is the main choice. Laser mice have a better response time than optical mice.

Pause between mouse movement and pointer on monitor

Wireless technology and lasers make the gap between mouse and pointer movements on the monitor very small. For users with mediocre needs, the lag is not at all noticeable. For users such as graphic designers and gamers, at first it might feel a little strange but after a while of trying everything will feel normal.

Driver Software

The wireless mouse may have a few drawbacks, namely that you have to install the driver before using it. Although currently several wireless mouse vendors have produced mice without having to install the driver, it is more recommended to install the driver first.

Extra Power

Wireless mice require extra electricity so that the user must prepare the battery in the mouse. The size of the AA battery is enough to make the mouse feel a bit heavy compared to a regular mouse that still uses cables. But don’t worry, the wireless mouse is quite energy efficient so that the battery replacement is done after a long period of use.


For the price itself is very varied, ranging from 100 thousand to more than 1 million rupiah. What is taken into consideration is the shape, design, technology used, optical, durable data, and the battery used. Usually the design has a very important role for its users, besides spoiling the eyes of the design it also affects the comfort of the user, this is one of the factors that cause the high price of a wireless mouse But all can be paid off with the performance of the mouse device.