8 Tips and how to find a Job on the Internet

8 Tips and how to find a Job on the Internet

The demands of society and the necessities of life make us take jobs that are not in accordance with our interests. It is not uncommon for us to choose a safe and stable profession so that all our needs and demands are met. But in this modern era, finding the right job vacancies that we like is getting easier.

More and more job sites have sprung up. Apart from these sites, several companies also list a lot of job vacancies on their company websites.

Apart from conventional office jobs, there are also job vacancy sites for freelancers for those who have certain skills and want to work from home.

With so many job vacancies circulating on the internet, of course we will find it easier to find jobs that we like and match our interests. But, we can’t just send a job application letter, because that will also be an assessment for our HRD team or our service users.

Don’t send multiple job application letters in one place.

We will be very excited when we see companies we are interested in opening job vacancies. Moreover, there are several job listings that have been opened. For the sake of joining the dream company, we will send job applications to all vacancies in that one company. With the thought that the possibility of being accepted for work will increase if you send more job application letters.

However, such actions actually worsen the HRD team’s assessment of us. We will be judged that we don’t know what we want and it is unclear what focus the field we are good at. Therefore, we should carefully consider which job vacancies are most appropriate with our expertise and focus on that one vacancy.

If we are not sure what we are good at, we can also state that we are open to other positions if the HRD team feels we are more suitable in that position.

CV should be catchy, concise, and to the point.

With work experience and high flying hours we definitely want to explain that we have served various positions and job responsibilities. We will write at length and detail what we have been through. But that will not attract the attention of the HRD team, instead our CV will not be read because it is too long.

Just state briefly what our previous positions were and what our expertise was. List everything completely but briefly and can be understood with a quick reading.

Compile your CV and job application letter as attractive as possible but not excessive. We are not the only job applicants at the company. Tens or even hundreds of people also send job applications. And, the HRD team may not read all of them one by one. They will choose the CV and job application letter that is most attractive and easy to read.

Use polite language in a job application letter.

Even though we apply for jobs at startup companies that are mostly young people, we still have to write in polite and professional language.

The use of language is very important in writing job application letters, even for online jobs from home.

The way we describe ourselves will serve as an assessment material for the HRD team. Because, not always we will be working behind the scenes. One day we will be required to face other people and even make presentations.

Besides that, the use of language that is not polite will give the impression that we have no manners. No company wants members who behave badly and are a negative influence.

Describe our strengths and why we are the right candidates for the job.

It’s useless if we write down our work experience and expertise in full if we don’t write down why they should choose to become a candidate for employee.

Explain on our job application letter why we are the most suitable candidates for the position by describing our skills that will be useful for the company and in accordance with the job vacancies we choose. It doesn’t need to be too detailed, but enough to attract their attention that our abilities and expertise will be a valuable asset for the company.

Write down our work achievements in previous experiences.

Whether it’s awards from the office, training certificates, organizational experience, achieving targets, and various kinds of previous work achievements, we must include it in our CV and job application letter.

These things will give more value in the assessment of the HRD team. Although some of these achievements are not directly related to the job vacancies we choose, it will be a reference for the HRD team that we can carry out our responsibilities and do it well.

Employers prefer candidates who have good performance compared to high work experience but without any achievements.

So it is better if we list our work achievements no matter how small it is.

Include social media and previous work portfolios.

In this digital era, it is easier than ever to analyze our personalities through digital footprints. Our social media and activities on the internet will be tracked by the HRD team. If the job opening asks us to include our social media or portfolio accounts, we better include it because that can be our assessment as a candidate.

Portfolios will also be useful if we are in an exact professional field where the results of their work can be seen. Like graphic designers, programmers, and web developers, you can include links to our previous work for consideration whether the work is what they need or not.

Choose a job vacancy that suits your skills and abilities.

Choose a job vacancy that fits our capabilities to avoid big problems. Because bigger problems will arise if we are accepted to work and it turns out that we cannot and disappoint the company.

It’s not that we shouldn’t learn when we start working, but it would be better if from the start we state that we are still in the learning stage and will continue to develop.

Avoid writing what we really can’t and don’t really care about. And, try to learn first what the company needs before sending a job application letter.

Consider the salary and benefits offered by the job.

Each person must have different needs and salary references.

Make sure the jobs and companies we choose offer salaries and benefits that match our needs.

It is not only a matter of the amount of money being offered but also consider the career paths offered and our interests in the field of work. If the salary offered is enough to fulfill your responsibilities or enough to go through the career path that you are interested in, please try sending a job application letter.

Because each company has a different reference for the salary and benefits provided to their employees.

For those who have just graduated and are looking for a job, or who want to try a new profession, immediately tidy up a CV and job application letter. Start looking for job vacancies on the internet that match your interests.

Because work is not just about making money, but also a part of our daily lives.