9 Best Computer Antivirus

9 Best Computer Antivirus

Antivirus is the key to protecting the computer as well as the files stored on the computer. Antivirus software generally prevents the entry of viruses, malware, ransomware that can damage all files and software. There are various computer antiviruses that can be installed on PCs and laptops, both free and paid versions. Here are the 9 Best Computer Antivirus that you can choose for your PC.

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is an antivirus software that can be installed for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. By relying on a scan for the system, this software can detect out-of-date software as well as weak network passwords. Bitdefender also offers ransomware protection by using a two-layer defense against its newest virus strain.

2. Norton Security Deluxe

This antivirus is an impressive product because it is based on business orientation. Norton supports enterprise technology that uses the cloud and promises to be 100{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} virus free. Otherwise, Norton guarantees its users a full money back. The user’s browser will be protected with a password setting as well as various tools to improve computer performance.

3. ESET Internet Security

ESET is a computer antivirus that is widely used for PCs because of its affordable price, but the tools it has are quite complete and lightweight. The features are easy to use and your system is in a secure state. In addition to system scans, ESEET also offers social media scan features, anti-theft tools, network protection tools, and is able to protect computers from ransomware threats.

4. AVG Ultimate

AVG Ultimate offers solid protection for your computer. Apart from the system, AVG Ultimate also protects files, web, firewall and also protects against ransomware with multilayer defense from all sides. AVG also offers password manager, VPN and driver updates for a price of just 99 dollars.

5. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee claims that the software is capable of protecting various viruses and can be installed without limits. In the update, McAfee is equipped with a scanner that can protect email and scan the web. There’s also a built-in password manager as well as the ability to detect suspicious devices.

6. Kaspersky Security

One of the advantages of using this antivirus software is its adaptive and patented security technology. When installed, Kapersky will adjust your computer’s settings. This software helps to detect unsafe devices and suspicious websites. Also helps you to set passwords securely.

7. Bullguard Premium Protection

Bullguard is designed to protect networks, so its main function is to protect internet-connected devices. There is also an identity protection feature that parents can use to keep their children surfing the internet. Not only that, this antivirus can also optimize CPU performance and prevent ransomware on the computer.

8. Sophos Home Premium

Sophos home is a very cheap antivirus software and supports cloud-based management making it impressive for users who use IA for their companies. The protection that Sophos offers is quite comprehensive and special, especially in preventing ransomware. Sophos can be used for 10 different devices for only 50 USD.

9. Avast Premier

This computer antivirus is very user friendly because it can be updated for free to improve its functionality. For 70 dollars, users can get a firewall, various types of scans, shields to protect computers from ransomware and various tools for web protection. Unfortunately, avast doesn’t come with a cleaning tool and password manager.