9 Modern Home Appliances for Smart Home

9 Modern Home Appliances for Smart Home

Modern household appliances that can be controlled using gadgets are now increasingly being looked at. Usually, this equipment is used for housing that adapts the concept of smart home. What will it be like? Smart home is a technology that allows homeowners to control the entire contents of the house in one hand, be it a smartphone or other gadget.

The core concept of the smart home itself is to facilitate people with modern household appliances that can improve the quality of life. Even though the concept of a smart home is not very popular in Indonesia, in the future this trend is sure to arrive. Well, here we present information about nine tools that can support the smart home concept.

Modern Home Appliances Supporting Smart Home

1. Cleaning Robot

Sometimes homeowners are too tired to clean the house. Even though this activity is very important to do regularly to maintain the condition of the house. Cleaning robots can be the solution. This small cleaning robot has been produced quite a lot by several companies.

Its mini size allows the corners of the house that cannot be reached by hands to be cleaned properly. Home owners can control the work of this tool through a system connected to the gadget.

2. Pet Monitor

Dogs or cats mess around with trash cans or things, but their owners don’t have the heart to punish them. With pet monitoring technology connected to a smartphone application, we can track their whereabouts and what they are doing. Not only that, we can also communicate with them via the microphone on the device.


3. Light Control according to Mood

A lighting production company has released a LED lighting product whose intensity and color can be adjusted to the current mood of the home owner.
All lights in the house can be connected to the bridge connected to the smartphone application.
Not only the intensity and color, the owner can also turn off the lights, set the timer, and set the lights according to the theme.
What makes you wonder, this light can also remind homeowners if there are important emails that need to be checked.

4. Make Coffee Via WiFi

Coffee lovers will definitely be greatly helped by the presence of a coffee maker that is connected to WiFi. Wake up, walk to the kitchen, voila coffee is ready and just pour it. You only need to put your favorite coffee beans and click the options menu on the application connected to the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

5. Home Key with Smartphone

This automatic home locking technology from smart phones or other gadgets is very helpful for those of us who often forget. With these tools and applications, homeowners can lock the house remotely, and can also open the door if we forget to put the key. The application of this tool can also provide notification to the owner if someone else tries to force open the door of the house.


6. Control Electronic Devices by Hand

All electronic device controls in one hand? Wow! An Israel-based technology company has produced a feature that makes that possible. We just need to sit where we are, just point, then turn off and turn on the lights and television, until opening the door of the house can be done.

7. Automatic Plant Flush

With a sophisticated tool that is embedded in the growing media, we can water even pet plants from a distance. Apart from watering, it is also possible for plant owners to know the fertility of the soil, as well as the intensity of light absorbed by plants. All of this information can be monitored via a smart phone application.

8. Lawn Mower Robot

Now, cutting the grass doesn’t need to be done manually anymore. This lawn mower robot is a smart device that can help you tidy up the grass in your backyard. Don’t worry, this robot is equipped with a shock sensos system so that it knows what obstacles are in front of it. With certain settings, this robot will trim a predetermined area.

9. Amazon Echo Dot

Craving a modern home appliance that can respond to whatever you say? Amazn Echo Dot which is the most affordable variant in its class can be the answer! You can ask this tool to play music, update the latest news, and ask for restaurant and movie recommendations. In addition, you can connect this smart device with similar furniture that uses sound to operate it. Those are some super sophisticated modern household appliances that can help you realize the smart home concept.