Air Fryer Technology That Can Fry Without Oil, Let’s Get to Know It Deeper!

Air Fryer Technology That Can Fry Without Oil, Let’s Get to Know It Deeper!

Technology, as we know, can make it easy for humans to overcome various difficulties. Also, one of the positive consequences of the arrival of technology is in the culinary world. The culinary world is so closely related to cooking activities. Traditional cooking methods, such as using firewood and oil stoves, have long been abandoned. First for urban residents who have a lot of activity. Certainly requires a position of technology to facilitate the cooking process.

At this age, more and more new technologies are emerging in the culinary field, the air fryer is one of them. Offering practicality in the cooking process, the air fryer can fry food ingredients without using cooking oil. Then, what is an air fryer? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And what effect does it have on human health? For the answer, read thoroughly until yes this post! Reported from several sources, the following reviews.

Air Fryer Technology, What is it?

This technology allows you to fry food ingredients using very little oil. Moreover, there are some food ingredients that do not require cooking oil at all, such as potatoes, fish or frozen food. Then, what is an air fryer? Air fryer is the latest cooking technology that optimizes the heat element from the top of the heater (frying chamber). On the other hand, at the base there is a sturdy fan that makes the ingredients cook more quickly.

Various uses that can be generated from this technology, ranging from cooking meat, frying potatoes to making pastries. The way it works is quite simple, you only need to prepare the ingredients, then put them in the heater and then set the time and temperature. Wait until the time you have set, then pick it up. Also, the food is ready to be served.

Is it Healthy to Use an Air Fryer?

With the convenience offered, is frying with an air fryer comfortable to eat? Of course, this is a big problem for those of you who want to buy an air fryer, right? As we know, the working method of air frying is different from manual frying which requires a lot of vegetable oil. Air fryer makes cooked food by circulating hot air near the food.

Frying food with an air fryer can make food healthier. Without using cooking oil, air fryer can make food with less fat content up to 75{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}, and limiting calorie content up to 80{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}. You need to know, fat and calories are the main “contributions” to various health problems, ranging from bad cholesterol, obesity, to heart attacks.

Greasing an air fryer can also squeeze out acrylamide compounds up to 90{2a0d75649bd912ba40e45e7e284fd7847049e64872b8441215d37aaa012fe8b6}. Where, acrylamide is a dangerous compound that is produced from carbohydrate foods, such as potatoes fried in oil.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Using an Air Fryer

Cutting-edge technology in life certainly has a positive effect in its implementation. However, it seems that using an air fryer also has drawbacks, you know, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of air fryer technology.

Advantages of Air Fryers

1. Instant And Save Cooking Oil

Imagine, you can fry without oil and there are no more stories of hot oil splashing. Surely this is the main advantage offered by the air fryer.

2. Multifunctional

Apart from frying, it seems that the air fryer can also be used to bake food ingredients, such as meat, chicken or fish. Not only that, you can make cakes with these tools, such as cookies, donuts to cup cakes.

3. Convenient from Gas Leaks

Because it uses electricity, of course there is no longer the fear of gas leaks like using an ordinary stove.

4. Ripe Flash

Frying with an air fryer actually takes a short time. Fry frozen food for example. You don’t need to thaw it first. Because, the hot air will quickly melt the ice, so the food is cooked quickly with a crunchy texture.

Disadvantages of Air Fryers

1. Small Cooking Capacity

The heater or space for frying that the air fryer has is quite small. Problems will arise when you want to make food in large quantities.

Not only that, you can’t pile up food randomly. Because there is no automatic mixing equipment in it. To make dishes that are perfectly cooked, you shouldn’t pile them up!

2. Big Electrical Energy

You need to know, usually an air fryer requires approximately 1000 watts of electrical energy. Because of that, you need to think again when buying this equipment. Instead of saving on cooking oil, you have to bear the burden of a large electricity bill. Air fryer is indeed a solution for urban circles with all their busy lives. However, behind its simplicity there are drawbacks that you must accept.

That’s all the reviews about air fryer technology this time. If there are problems regarding the air fryer or other technology, please write them in the opinion column, OK? See you soon!