Application of Technology in Education

Application of Technology in Education

We all know what role technology plays in education, right? In the end, technology plays an important role in education, to make education more developed, even more advanced. Also, don’t forget to make the process of education easier and more efficient.

The question is, how do you apply technology to the education system? There are many ways to apply technology. Starting from the perspective of students to the system that applies in schools. Well here is an example of applying technology in the field of education:

Distance Learning

With the existence of video-based communication technology, it is even easier for teachers or teachers to provide material even though they are unable to attend. The teacher or teacher can record when explaining the learning material or make a video about the learning material that you want to convey.

Or teachers and teachers can communicate remotely using video-based communication platforms such as those provided by Skype and Google Duo. Or you can just use the live viewing feature by Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t want all followers to see them, both teachers and teachers can create a list of closest friends that contains student accounts.

Use of technology to share material

In the past, we had to duplicate material provided by the teacher or teacher by photocopying it or copying it manually. Time consuming? Definitely. Plus we have to carry so much paper that makes it heavy.

Now? No need to rush to photocopy materials, we can easily copy softcopy material files. You can also send it with a file-sending application such as share it, or teachers and teachers can simply upload it to the cloud so students can access and download it anytime and anywhere.

E-Report Card

E-Raport is a student achievement report published online. With the E-Report Card, schools no longer need to write student achievements manually in report cards. The teacher only needs to fill in the report data on the E-Report Card, then send it to the parent or student’s email. Some schools still print report cards so they can still meet with parents and discuss student achievements during one semester.

PPDB Online

PPDB or New Student Admission is usually done in person, or in other words, prospective students are required to come to register themselves at the school or university that they are interested in. But imagine if the prospective student is in a distant city? Of course it will be very ineffective, right?

Now, with PPDB Online, prospective students who are far away, can still register via the website. Prospective students only need to come to take the admission examination, for example, and administrative arrangements if accepted. Summarize the time and opportunity for learning to be greater.

Attendance System

This technological breakthrough in the form of fingerprint attendance will actually make it easier for schools or universities to record the arrival of students, teachers and staff. That way the school can monitor the discipline of students, teachers and staff. This Attendance System can also be integrated with the SMS Gateway. So that students, teachers and staff who have missed several times can be given a warning via SMS.

Financial System

Those of you who work as financial staff no longer need to be confused because of miscalculations or because there are too many slips that you have to recap manually. With a computer, staff can recap and calculate easily. You can use number-based software so that by using certain formulas, you no longer need to calculate them!

But if the school you work for has installed an information system, be happy for you because your job will obviously become easier. Financial verification can be done in person without waiting. In addition, student finances can also be shared on students’ personal pages, so students can monitor them easily.


Libraries that already have E-Library will make it easier for visitors to locate the desired book. The librarian only needs to enter the shelf number and organize the books according to the shelves. In addition, librarians can also easily track books borrowed by visitors.