Skopje Design Week

The idea behind SDW is that Skopje within 6 days program unites on annual basis the world's most remarkable designers and innovators in one place and gives them chance to communicate with the broad audience, regional corporate sector and educational institutions.


 The non-profit civil society organization Public ROOM is active in the whole region and beyond. Our activities and program empower the non-profit sector from the region, influence the national cultural policies and intensify the cooperation in the field of culture, arts, design and architecture in relation with business sector.
Public Room exists from 2007 and is producing the most tangible results having in focus creative sector, national and private institutions and business sector.
The organization sets up and implements programs and events for professionals, in order to promote open and democratic societies within the region. In cooperation with well-established cultural, business and educational partners Public ROOM also organizes and offers short term training courses in areas not offered by the educational programs in the region. Further, the organization stimulates a creation of stage for public debate, idea development and realization and as well as we stimulate the cultural exchange.