Tirana Design Week 2015

Tirana Design Week 2015, with the motto “DESIGN NOW”, intends to both investigate the latest and present expressions of design with the aim of exploring new conceptual and practical tools for the coming generation of designers in the region.


Another aim is also to provoke action into taking the lead for designing now, at the moment when more than ever design needs to start playing a crucial role and mark a change. So some of the main questions that TDW 2015 needs to answer are:

What is DESIGN NOW as we speak?

Can DESIGN act as a pro-active tool to respond in contemporary social needs?

How can DESIGN be used a catalyst for tackling and provoking changes in today’s contemporary society?

TDW is a biennial event that bring a series of happenings to the city, aiming at the exchange of knowledge between professionals at a national and international level, in order to increase the public’s interest in planning, architecture and design, as disciplines which are closely connected to the contemporary development of cities; as well as increase participation in decision-making and development processes. The reasons for organizing Tirana Design Weeks 2015 are: 1) the exchange of experience between professionals at a national and international level so as to promote art design and architecture and raise the public’s interest in these and other fields directly related to the contemporary development of cities and daily life. 2) and to raise the level of interaction between the professionals and regular citizens with the city and daily life which are greatly influenced by the now-ubiquitous role of design. In order to exchange international experiences in the fields of design, focusing on contexts of social, cultural, economic dynamics and the role of design in their promotion, Tirana Design Week hosted Young Balkan Designers touring exhibition.

 YBD on tour

Photos by Eranda Janku