Vienna Design Week

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria’s biggest design festival and bridges the gap between the
specialist and the wider public. It is a showcase for national and international projects.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK was founded in 2007 starting from an initiative of three individuals, Tulga Beyerle, Thomas Geisler and Lilli Hollein without any commercial motives, but rather with the goal of letting international design positions and a correspondent discourse happen on a regular basis in Vienna. It is a culture festival, not a fair. The majority of the content is curated by the organisation of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Many projects are not just being initiated, but also, at least in parts, financed.

During VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the city becomes a platform and showcase of design. In cooperation with designers from all over the world, Viennese museums and companies, the festival shows different approaches to design. Design is more than just a designed object. VIENNA DESIGN WEEK defines design as an essential part of the cultural production. The Festival shows that design shapes our material culture, our everyday life and our world as consumers. Simultaneously, it influences our lifestyles and most fundamentally our aesthetic senses and judgements. Therefore, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has based its mission on both the celebration of design and on its critical examination. In the past years VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has become much more than just a festival: It is a design network that assembles the most important heads of culture, economy, media and the creative scene.

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Photo by: © Kollektiv Fischka / Kramar