Vienna Design Week 2015

The 150 events of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK invite visitors between 25 September and 4 October
2015 to discover new, surprising and landmark aspects of our product culture.

During Vienna Design Week, the city becomes a platform and showcase of design. Design is more than just a designed object. Vienna Design Week defines design as an essential part of the cultural production. The festival shows that design shapes our material culture, our every-day life and our world as consumers. Simultaneously, it influences our lifestyles and most fundamentally our aesthetic senses and judgement. 

Each year the Vienna Design Week chooses a district of Vienna to take on a special role during the festival. This year the focus is on Favoriten, the largest Viennese urban district. “Favoriten, the 10th Viennese district, offers us an enormous range of options. 160,000 inhabitants make it into a small city within a city. The formerly working-class district is very densely populated in certain zones; on the other hand we find fields and vineyards on its outskirts. Here, industry and residential areas stand side by side. And around the new Central Station complex in the 10th we also find Vienna’s largest area of urban development. We set out to look for industrial enterprises – including old established firms and those using the latest technology – with the aim of integrating different institutions and locations into our Festival program.” Lilli Hollein, Director of the Vienna Design Week

For ten whole days the  Vienna Design Week takes the stage here in a multitude of spaces and venues, supports local, old-established businesses and invites the public to venture into this unknown microcosm and acquire new perspectives on this multifaceted urban district.


Not only the curated formats but also our program partners contribute a great deal to the diversity of the Festival. National and international companies, museums, institutions, galleries and design studios are invited to showcase their work with temporary contribution.

Young Balkan Designers representing Balkan Design Network during Vienna Design Week are:
Tvrtko Bojić (Croatia)
Brainblender team (Slovenia)
Angeliki Sioliou (Greece)
Milena Stanojević (Serbia)

Photo: © Kollektiv Fischka / Kramar