Benefits of Technology Development for Education

Benefits of Technology Development for Education

Technology can provide convenience for us in various aspects, without limits, especially in the educational aspect. In this era of globalization, it is easy to get information as it is now. The development of technology plays a very big role in the field of education. Technology and education seem to be inseparable, because between the two there seems to be a symbiotic mutualism that is mutually beneficial to each other.

The Role of Technology in Realizing Character Education

In the development of technology in the field of education, it is not only students who feel the benefits, of course, educators also feel it. Because the existence of technology in the field of education can make it easier for students or teachers to get important information. The following are some of the benefits of technological developments in the field of education that can be felt by both students and educators.

1. As a Supporting Media in the Teaching and Learning Process.


It is very boring if we are forced to study monotonously and conventionally in class. Just listening to the teacher explain through the blackboard and textbooks is an ancient way of learning and of course makes the students bored. There is nothing wrong with using technology as a supporting medium in learning. Thus, learning activities can be more varied and more enjoyable. As a result, students can be more fresh and excited to keep learning and automatically the material presented can be absorbed more quickly by students.

2. To Improve the Quality of Education.

Education can improve the quality of life. People with higher education generally have a high quality of life as well. The development of technology should make the work of teaching teachers easier. If educators can use technology wisely and well, good quality education will be formed.

3. As a Means to Get Information.

Before the existence of technology, the learning system to get information was still from books. Now we can use technology to get the information we need via the internet, to get more information faster and easier.

4. Technology Plays an Active Role in Learning Media.

The world of education has also been affected by the pandemic. All teaching and learning activities are closed and diverted to the home study system. Fortunately, because of the technological media that allows us to continue learning even without face to face, starting from Whatsapp Group, Google Classroom, to several video conference applications, enlivening the world of education during the pandemic. If only there were no technological developments in the field of education, schools would be purely closed with no material at all. In the past, students only went to school to learn and obtain information about education only from teachers, it is different now, students can be more creative in finding information via the internet.