Benefits of Technology in Various Fields of Human Life

Benefits of Technology in Various Fields of Human Life

Includes all aspects that are closely related to the needs of human life. Time is growing and so are humans. The human mind is increasingly advanced because of the urge to fulfill daily needs. Starting from basic needs in the form of food, drink, clothing and shelter to needs related to relationships with other people. In the past, humans met their food needs by gathering natural products. Now humans can make their own utilizing natural resources combined with technology. Likewise with clothes that originally only used leaves and plant roots, now humans can produce their own clothes. More and more inventions that facilitate human life. Technology is increasingly being developed to make human life better. The following are the benefits of technology in various areas of human life

1. Benefits of Technology in the Health Sector

The benefits of technology in various fields are useful for humans, one of which is in improving health problems. The easiest example is handling cases of covid-19. The pandemic took place not only in Indonesia but in various other parts of the world. Technological developments make it easier to receive information on how to handle and prevent infectious viruses. So in various countries including Indonesia can take anticipatory steps from an early age to suppress the spread of the virus. The discovery of antivirals and vaccines is also one of the results of technological advances in the health sector. People are easier to get treatment when experiencing symptoms. It also prevents transmission to other people. The presence of technology in the health sector does not mean that it is always useful for humans. There are so many cases of drug abuse and treatment methods that ultimately harm humans. Disease detection is not only useful for patients but also as a loophole to engineer the results in certain missions. Technological advances in the health sector are actually used to make biological weapons.

2. Benefits of Technology in the Field of Communication

The benefits of technology in various fields are very visible in terms of communication. How humans are increasingly facilitated in dealing with smartphones, the internet, social media and so on. It shortens the distance and time. Imagine that in ancient times people sent letters to exchange news, which took days. It’s now easier than ever to send a message or talk directly. Advances in communication greatly support the dissemination of information. So that people are more advanced because they know everything from various sources. On the other hand, advances in the field of communication open up opportunities for unlimited information dissemination. Incorrect information, pornographic content, hate speech are easily accessible to the public at large without age restrictions. So it is dangerous for the formation of the character of the younger generation. Support for gadgets with various sophisticated features is increasingly shifting people’s communication patterns. People who are near feel far away while people who are far feel close. People are more familiar with gadgets and social media than friends, neighbors and even family. Communicating online is considered more practical and enjoyable than verbally.

3. Benefits of Technology for Education

The covid-19 pandemic period requires students and students to study from home using online media. Technological advances play a major role in this. More and more software developers are providing spaces for students and teachers to meet. So that the school continues to run even though it is not face to face. Not only the implementation of teaching and learning, the benefits of technology in various fields are also felt during the process of accepting new students. Prospective students are no longer required to come directly to school to register. The registration process can be done remotely using the internet. The school provides a website in which there is a registration form. Information about school activities, annual agenda, school development, tuition fees, student achievement can be accessed by parents. So that it is more transparent and increases the trust of parents. The results of learning in one academic year can be known directly by parents and students without having to come to school.