Best Accounting Software That Is Rarely Known

Best Accounting Software That Is Rarely Known

Basically software is needed by humans to simplify and help work more efficiently and easily. There are many kinds of computer programs in the world, and one of them is in the field of accounting which also needs software support. The development of technology in today’s world is increasingly sophisticated, many things are created with the aim of making life easier. Nowadays, technology is more advanced, there are many publishers of accounting software/accounting software that have marketed globally like other software programs. If you are looking for accounting software to support your work as an accountant, here are some accounting software that can be used as a reference:


Krishand For those of you who need software in the field of taxation, then Krishand is the right software. This software is specifically used for tax reporting and provides tax forms that comply with the latest tax regulations in our country, so you no longer need to bother using tax forms. Krishand can save you time by helping to make accurate tax reports effectively and efficiently.

Accurate Accounting

This software is integrated so that every transaction entered will automatically update the others. For example, if a purchase / sale transaction occurs, it will immediately add / cut inventory stock and update Vendor / Customer payables / receivables if the transaction that occurs is a credit transaction. Whereas in Cash Transactions, it will update the Cash/Bank that you use to make payments/receive payments. What you used to do with Hours becomes a matter of seconds if you switch from the old habit of using ACCURATE Accounting Software.

Omega Accounting

Omega Accounting is a good choice if you are a retail, distribution, service, food and beverage, or hospitality based business owner. The Omega Acc program consists of a sales and purchase system, and of course it will automatically generate financial reports. The resulting report can be formatted and grouped as needed.


Mind Your Own Business or MYOB, is a fairly popular accounting data processing software. Its simple appearance, and ease of use make MYOB liked by many users. If you have a medium-sized business or company, you can use this software to help you perform financial calculations as well as create your company’s financial statements.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express (MOAE)

MOAE is actually a promotional program from MOAP (Microsoft Office Accounting Professional), so you can get it for free. Although only a free accounting software promotion program, MOAE is reliable. MOAE’s interface is quite detailed and simple, which makes it easy to use. To make financial reports, you can directly input transaction data from notes, invoices, etc. without the need to make a journal first.