Best Photo Editing Apps for PC 2021

Best Photo Editing Apps for PC 2021

Many people think that a photo must be edited to make it look perfect and slick. It’s true, a lot of PC and mobile photo editing applications have been launched to meet the editing needs of the general public. We can see if these applications are widely available on the internet and can be downloaded for free. In general, editing applications have almost the same basic functions as each other. It’s just that the difference may be the completeness of the features, the lightness of the application, the level of complexity of its use, and so on. So many people sometimes only use certain types of applications because they think that is the best. Photo editing is the process of reviewing and making changes to some elements of a photo so as to create a new photo that is more beautiful and aesthetic. Here are some of the best photo editing apps that you must try :

1. Photoscape

The Photoscape app has been around for a few years and makes it easy for editors to make changes to their photos. You don’t need to take a paid course to become proficient in Photoscape because of the ease of application. Most professional photo editors who make photography their livelihood avoid using this type of application. Not because the app is bad, but because it’s less “complicated” and lacks layer settings, which a professional photo editor needs.

2. Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is the latest name for the Light Phase Capture application. This type of application has been in the digital world for almost 10 years and helps the activities of photo editors, even those of you who are beginners. Capture One Pro is often referred to as a Photoshop clone, the current photo editing application, although in fact there are quite a few differences. Editing photos with quite professional filters using the Capture One Pro application does make your photo work slang and classy. You can add color correction to change the color tone of the photo to be cooler. Although it has many advantages, if you have a laptop with low RAM specifications, avoid using Capture One Pro so it doesn’t lag.

3. Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe Lightroom application is the coolest type of photo editing application that is widely downloaded, especially for Android owners. However, in fact Adobe Lightroom can be used to do photo editing on a PC or laptop though. Adobe Lightroom is famous for the many presets they have, and can be randomly selected to change the color tone of a photo in an instant. Some presets are indeed used for premium users of this application, but now you can buy them at preset sellers near you. With a very cool color correction feature and a light and simple user interface, this application is very easy to use.

4. Paintshop Pro 2020

In addition to some of the applications we mentioned earlier, Paintshop Pro 2020 is also a photo editing application on PC that is highly recommended for you. Paintshop Pro has ease of operation, accompanied by lightening the system used to run the application. This application is quite famous and even able to compete with Adobe Lightroom or even Adobe Photoshop. The editing menu that Paintshop has is certainly quite complete. Various features available in the Paintshop Pro 2020 application are cropping, editing, resizing, removing noise, and so on.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop can be used for free or paid, of course with more advanced paid features. However, despite the paid features, Adobe Photoshop has a lot of premium users. This is because the quality of the Adobe Photoshop application product is really high quality and is the best professional photo editing application for the pixel web version. You can use a variety of various features, ranging from standard features such as filter editing, cropping, to other additional features. Although there are many pirated versions of this application, we recommend that you use the paid features so as not to harm Adobe Photoshop.