Best Smartphone Antivirus Apps

Best Smartphone Antivirus Apps

The Most Powerful, Best and Lightest Smartphone Antivirus Application, The need for smartphones is increasing day by day. Fulfillment of information needs every day is always there. It is unavoidable, that nowadays people prefer searching on the internet. But the bad side of using the internet that is not wise can make your smartphone infected by the virus. Because the Smartphone system cannot protect itself from viruses. The following are the best antivirus applications for Smartphones:

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

This time Avast comes with a Mobile version, even in the desktop version Avast is quite popular in eradicating bad viruses. Using this avast antivirus can protect your laptop from malware, spyware, and viruses. Avast Mobile security has almost the same functionality as the desktop version. Avast Mobile Security can protect your email from phishing and can protect you from virus-infected websites. When you visit a website and it turns out that there is a virus, you will be notified by Avast of the dangers of the site and of course the site will be listed on avast blocked sites.

Avira Antivirus Security

Antivirus which is quite popular on the desktop version this time is also present on the desktop version. There’s no doubt about Avira ability, guys. Avira is also able to secure your personal data. You can install Avira Antivirus Security for free and can run lightly on your Smartphone.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security McAfee is known as a pioneer of antivirus applications on the desktop version. And now comes in the Mobile version, especially Smartphones. Mc Afee Mobile Security provides good system security features. Even in addition to eradicating viruses, this application also provides a Smartphone tracking feature if your smartphone is lost or dropped. In addition, there is also an application lock feature to protect your privacy.

CM Security Master

The CM Security application has many complete features compared to other antivirus. It turned out to be true, the CM Security application has a variety of interesting features, one of which is a junk cleaner and a VPN feature. And not to forget, this application still has a virus detection feature and also secures your data from spyware and malware.