Camera Lens Cleaning Equipment to Keep Shining

Camera Lens Cleaning Equipment to Keep Shining

DSLR cameras are not cheap products, because they are quite expensive, it’s a shame if you can’t take care of your DSLR camera lens. But, you can’t do anything carelessly in caring for a DSLR camera lens. Because there are many components that are quite sensitive to the touch. How to care for a DSLR camera lens with the appropriate equipment will keep the camera body and lens from dust and also avoid scratches. Therefore, if you are new to DSLR camera lens care, you must first know the various types of equipment needed. The following are some DSLR camera lens cleaning tools:


This camera cleaning tool is oval in shape like a pump made of rubber combined with a small pipe to remove air. The blower is very effective at cleaning dust and dirt that sticks between the DSLR camera body and lenses that are difficult to clean with a brush. How to use it is quite easy, you just need to press the rubber part to blow the wind on the part of the camera you want to clean.

Lens Tissue

The next camera cleaning kit is tissue. But not just any tissue can be used, it must be a special one for cleaning camera lenses. These wipes are specially designed and soft to clean the optical lens from smudges and fingerprints. When wiping a DSLR camera lens, you can do it clockwise from the outside in and don’t press it too hard for fear of scratching the lens coating.

Micro Fiber Cloth

The next camera cleaning equipment is a micro fiber cloth and lens cleaning fluid. How to use it is strictly prohibited to spray liquid directly into the lens or camera body. You just spray it on a micro fiber cloth and then wipe it. Wiping the lens needs to be done slowly without the need for excessive pressure.

Swab Kit

This tool is used to clean the camera sensor and in its use you have to be careful because one or the other, your camera sensor is scratched and damaged. It feels like if you don’t understand at all you have to look for a brief guide so that bad things don’t happen to your camera. The swab has a soft swab tip and has a handle. Swabs must always be clean and sterile from dirt and dust.

Sensor Clean

The sensor clean looks similar to the Swab but is specifically used to clean the camera sensor. The use of sensor clean is done by cleaning the camera sensor from the right to the left or vice versa until it is clean and then again cleaned with a swab to ensure that no dirt is left behind.

Lens pen

This tool has a shape like a pen with two sides. The first part is a brush to remove dust and the other part is made of soft material which is useful for cleaning fingerprints and also water spots attached to the optical lens. Clean the lens optics without pressure and also clean parts such as lens filters and others.