First Round Winners of YBD 2016: NEW ANALOGUE

First Round Winners of the Regional Design Competition Announced: YOUNG BALKAN DESIGNERS: NEW ANALOGUE
Participation at the Talent zone of Mikser Festival 2016, 8-12 June

Balkan Design Network announced the winners of the first round of the competition "Young Balkan Designers 2016: New Analogue" which called for design products and scenarios that are bringing human touch back into design process and manufacturing, linking them directly to materials, crafts and techniques available in the Balkan culture.


Dear designers and participants,
We thank you all for your interest and for submitting great and wonderful projects to the Regional Design Competition: YOUNG BALKAN DESIGNERS 2016 − “NEW ANALOGUE”. Since some of you had technical issues with application, please check if application was finished successfully and if you and your project(s) are listed. In the case something is missing, please send all the data as in Application form to: until Thursday, 14th of April, at midnight.
YBD team


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''New Memories'' competition results announced

METALAC POSUĐE got new design thanks to young designers from the Balkan Design Network. This year the Company “Metalac Posuđe” and Balkan Design Network have announced an open competition “New Memories”.

YBD 2015 Prototyping Workshops

April is reserved for designers winning works' prototype development. Prototyping workshops are being organized in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje. The goal od the workshops is to establish the final outcome of the concepts through practical advices and consultations with the organization members and external experts.

YBD competition winners announced

31 projects from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey have been chosen by an international Jury among 160 applicants from 12 Balkan countries.