Causes of Computers Affected by Virus

Causes of Computers Affected by Virus

Virus is a software or program created with the aim of damaging the operating system on a computers or laptop. Many virus programs are created or created to attack the Windows operating system because the Windows operating system has more users than other operating systems such as Linux OS or Mac OS. With so many users of the Windows operating system, of course, a virus will be easy to spread and quickly recognized by computer or laptop users. There are many reasons why a computer or laptop is susceptible to viruses. The following are the main causes of a computer can be affected by a virus:

1. Do not install antivirus.


Some people often neglect not to install computer antivirus. In fact, you can also ignore how important it is to protect the operating system on your computer or laptop by installing an antivirus.Antivirus is the most important and first computer protection. Antivirus can prevent the entry of viruses into your computer or laptop. However, an antivirus that is already installed on a computers or laptop must always be updated so that the antivirus you have is better at preventing the entry of new viruses.

2. Never scan the flash.

When you plug a flash drive into a computer or laptop, do you often scan it first? Don’t be surprised if your computer or laptop can get viruses so easily. The more often the flash is used by more than one device, the more likely the computer is exposed to a virus and will enter the flash drive. Therefore, before you use a flash drive, you must first scan it with anti-virus.

3. Install pirated applications or software.

There are pirated software or applications that have a virus inserted. When the files in the application are executed, the applied viruses or pirated software will also be executed automatically. The impact of this will be felt after you restart a computer or laptop that has illegal applications and viruses installed.

4. Frequently visit untrusted sites.

Untrusted sites are sites that contain illegal content, pirated software sites and other sites. Because pirated software sites are sites that provide applications that are actually prohibited but are still made for profit.Therefore, if you visit an illegal site, it can harm your own laptop or computer. Because the content you download usually includes computer virus code such as trojan viruses and worms.

5. Turn off the firewall.

The Windows firewall contained in the Windows operating system is made to protect the operating system from malware and virus attacks. If you turn off the windows firewall it means you have opened a security hole for viruses to freely enter your computer or laptop. We recommend that you do not need to turn off the windows firewall because the windows firewall has almost the same function as an antivirus.