Causes of Unreadable Hard Drive in Bios

Causes of Unreadable Hard Drive in Bios

One of the most serious problems that can be experienced by laptops is that the hard drive cannot be read in the bios. The screen will restart by itself continuously and experience a dark color display (black screen). This, of course, makes the user unable to enter the operating system when the laptop is turned on. For laptop owners who have a hard drive problem not being read in the bios, don’t worry, let alone panic. If this problem is not too severe, users might be able to work around it without having to take it to a laptop service. The following are the causes of the hard drive not being read by the bios:

Pin on Hard Drive Dirty

The first factor that causes the hard drive to be undetectable is dirty pins which make it difficult for the operating system to read the hard drive. This pin is very vital in its function because it interprets what is on the storage device. How to clean it through a screwdriver, brush, and eraser tool. Users can open the hard drive through the tools and materials mentioned earlier. If everything is available, just remove the bolt with the screwdriver on the hard drive. Gently clean the pins with the eraser tool, then use a brush to remove the eraser marks. Return to the beginning and do a test on the hard drive.

External Hard Drive Damage

What can make the hard drive unreadable in the bios is the damage to the external hard drive (disk). This can affect the disk that the laptop system cannot read. Users should really pay attention to every external so that this does not happen. By knowing the nature of the damage, the data can be backed up/moved to another storage. There is no way to repair a hard disk that has failed to function, the user is forced to replace a new disk. Like Seagate SATA which provides storage convenience. Owners can also use an SSD so that damage can be found on the disk or SSD. If it’s still unreadable, use another laptop, to see errors on the disk or laptop.

Hard Drive Installation Error

What causes the hard drive to be unreadable in the bios is the wrong installation of the power supply connector and the motherboard. This has an impact on pins that are not entered correctly, eventually the disk cannot be read by the system. This can be worked around by swapping the disc cable to a PC or removing the disc case. In addition, it can also repair the IDE cable, which is a hardware connector for the CPU and internal hard drive. If this cable is not properly connected, the disc may not be read. It would be nice before the laptop is turned on the user can check whether the cable has been installed or not. Care is required for the installation to run correctly and precisely.

Haven’t Update Bios

Not updating the bios can also cause the hard drive to not be detected. Owners sometimes forget or don’t pay attention to system or application update notifications on laptops. In some cases, the update version greatly affects the readability of the hardware. For that the user can update it so that the hard drive can be read on the system.

Malware on Hard Drive

The presence of a virus or malware that causes an unreadable disk on the system. In addition, the virus can also make all the data in the storage become lost. For this reason, users are required to have an anti-virus on a laptop that can delete and check which files have been infected. That way, all the saved folders will be visible.