Choose the bluetooth audio receiver according to your Requirement

Choose the bluetooth audio receiver according to your Requirement

In the past, bluetooth audio receivers were a step. Now this item is widely circulating in the market. Starting from the cheapest 20,000 to the most expensive 500,000. Different shapes, various brands. This article will discuss a device that is commonly used to add bluetooth functions to a car tape. May be useful.

Various kinds of bluetooth audio receivers

First, the presence or absence of an internal battery. That is, if the form of a bluetooth receiver looks like a flash, there is a usb plug. Means this tool has no battery. To turn it on, you have to use a power bank, a cellphone charger adapter or a car USB plug. If the bluetooth music receiver that you see doesn’t have a USB port, it means that the device has an internal battery as its power source.

This USB function is not like a flash. If you imagine that this tool is plugged into a car flash drive then bluetooth music is played from the cellphone and then it is heard in the car audio…. Then you are wrong!

  • 90{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} of the Bluetooth music receiver uses the AUX IN or audio In function.
  • How to use a Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • This Bluetooth Audio Receiver uses the “Audio In” mode.

In general, car tape has 4 basic functions:

  1. CD playing
  2. FM Radio
  3. USB Audio
  4. Aux In

You have to plug the cable from this USB Bluetooth Receiver to Aux Car which is often referred to as the stereo jack. Then choose Aux In mode. If you select USB Audio mode, the sound will not come out at any time.

Likewise with a bluetooth audio receiver that has an internal battery, whether it’s a small box shape, long cylinder or round … Must be plugged into the car stereo jack. If your car tape does not have an aux in …. then this tool cannot be used.

You have lost hope to add the bluetooth function on the tape. But I have a solution

You have to buy a Bluetooth FM Modulator, and because this article is about the best bluetooth music receiver, then I only provide the product link. I guarantee 100{7ae9dcebd9dd004c164f5ac83492ab0da83c9658891ee56b8436678e90c11220} sure you can! My recommendation is to use this product because the sound quality is clear, the power comes out & can charge the cellphone.

Second, the sound quality and mono or stereo. The sound quality is different from stereo mono. Sound quality speaks of clarity or frequency range. Sound quality is also about power.

As we know, low frequency is bass, high frequency is treble and mid frequency is vocal. In music there are also drums, basses, guitars and keyboards. The drums themselves have cymbals and basses. While the sound frequency ranges from 20 hz to 20,000 hz.

The difference between cheap and expensive blue receivers

Internal battery, microphone, Stereo audio, Next and Prev buttons

Cheap Bluetooth audio receivers only have the ability to capture limited frequencies, although product specifications range from 20-20,000Hz. The result is a sound is lost. Practically, the sound is shrill (because it is unable to produce low frequencies) or the sound is feverish (because it is unable to produce high frequencies). Ordinary people are able to tell the difference. And the difference will be more visible when compared directly between cheap and expensive.

Meanwhile, power talks about volume. A cheap Bluetooth music receiver comes out only when the volume is level 10. At the same volume, but using an expensive bluetooth receiver, the sound is loud! The sound of his bass was sounding deafeningly loud. Sometimes even the speaker is about to break.

Bluetooh a cheap receiver is definitely mono. While the ones that are quite expensive are not necessarily stereo. Can we distinguish mono sound from stereo sound? If your ears are sensitive, you can immediately tell if this is mono or stereo. If you are a layman, you can do this by opening YouTube and looking for a stereo audio test video.

When the sound says left, only the left speaker should sound. If the voice says right, the right speaker sounds while the left speaker is off. Meanwhile, if it is mono, you say left, the speakers all sound. It says right is the same.

Stereo audio quality tends to be clearer, I call it ringing. Meanwhile, the mono tends to be demanding. It feels like something is covering the speakers. The point e feels the difference to our ears.

Bluetooth audio receiver without audio in cable

White color – bluetooth receiver without the need for an audio in cable

Third, a bluetooth audio receiver that has a music flash function. It is true at the beginning of the appearance of this tool, using the aux / audio in system. But now there is a bluetooth receiver that doesn’t require an audio in system. Or in other words, it functions as a USB bluetooth music.

Practically, plug it directly into the USB tape and then bluetooth the song you want to listen to from your cellphone. Your car tapes immediately recognize the device as USB music and play automatically. The timer continues even though you haven’t played the song.

It seems that this product is not selling well in the market. Why ? Because of the many delays. When we play, it takes 2-3 seconds before the sound comes out. If you want to change songs … wait another 3-4 seconds. The more often you change songs, the longer the delay will be. Both the expensive and the cheap ones have the same delay.