Digital Technology Support for Business People Productivity

Digital Technology Support for Business People Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has pushed business people in many countries to make the transition into new normal practices. One of the elements that contributed the most during the new normal practice, of course, was digital technology. Digital technology is often a tool to support business processes that occur in companies. With the presence of various applications and services such as e-business, e-commerce, e-banking, the need for effectiveness and efficiency is increasingly facilitated. The following is how digital technology contributes to the new normal, especially in the work practices that are carried out.

Support Work

Even though during this new normal, people no longer fully do work by working from home, but the role of digital technology will continue. We are currently required to adapt to advances in digital technology that can support work. One example is the use of video conferencing applications that allow connectivity and discussions with colleagues who do not work in one location to take place. This kind of application is often used by large-scale companies to divide work communication lines. So, take the time to learn and recognize these digital technologies so that work will be easier in the future.

Quickly adapt

The more technology develops, the more things change rapidly. Therefore, you will always be encouraged to be ready to adapt to new things, whether directly related to the use of digital technology, or adaptation to the impact it has on the work system. But don’t worry, if you are used to using digital technology then you should have no more difficulty adapting to new things.

Increase Productivity

It is not impossible that work that is usually completed within two to three days can be completed in a working day by utilizing digital technology. For example, when you try to take advantage of the tasks tracking feature, you can increase the productivity of working together with a team. You can find out and monitor the status of the work, whether it has been completed and needs a review or is still in the working stage. Obstacles in work can also be identified more quickly for later evaluation and finding solutions.

Support 24-hour business activities

Along with the rapid development of digital technology, business people are increasingly taking advantage of technological advances. This development is very helpful for business people to carry out activities without any obstacles, such as now you can buy and sell for 24 hours, unlike offline stores where all activities are very limited by space and time.

Data management

Rows of filing cabinets containing company documents are now no longer needed by some companies, because they have been replaced by a database system. Some companies store digital versions of documents on servers and storage devices. Utilization of these documents becomes more effective because they can be accessed from anywhere.