Easy Ways to Maintain a Computer So that it is not slow and durable

Easy Ways to Maintain a Computer So that it is not slow and durable

A computer is an electronic device that has many functions that we can use, but if we are negligent in maintaining the computer. So some functions on the computer can be damaged. For that we must know how to properly care for a computer. If we don’t take care of our computers properly, our computers can be slow when used for general tasks. This can happen because of damage to your computer software or hardware.

In addition to decreased performance, damage to the computer can also result in damage to the computer hardware, so that it can cause the computer to die completely or suddenly restart while it is being used. For that we need to maintain and care for our computers so that they are durable and long lasting. This time,for me will share with you how to take care of a computer properly. Please listen carefully. Tips on how to take care of the right computer for you

Use a UPS

For those of you who have a house with poor electricity quality and frequent fluctuations or frequent shutdowns, it’s better to add a UPS device to your PC.This is intended to keep your PC alive for a while when there is a power cut, so that you can still shut down your PC normally. In addition, with the UPS, the quality of your electricity that goes into the PC can also be maintained and controlled properly.

Do not disconnect the computer directly when it is turned on

When you are doing the shutdown process on your computer, wait for your computer to completely shut down for a few moments, then unplug your computer.

Use Antivirus

In addition to protecting computer hardware from damage, we must also be able to keep every software and data on the computer safe. For that we have to install the best antivirus 2020 to protect your computer from the threat of dangerous viruses.

Clean CPU Periodically

If you use your computer a lot and then the computer has a bad air cooling system, chances are that there will be a lot of dust lodged in your computer case. Especially if you don’t close your case, the more dust will get into it later.
For that every 2 months, do dust cleaning on your computer, this is to maintain computer performance to its maximum.

Do Defragment and Scandisk

Apart from cleaning the CPU, we need to take care of the computer by defragmenting and scanning our disk. This is so that the storage memory we use can be durable and last a long time without errors.

Deleting Useless Applications

For those of you who have a lot of useless applications, it’s better to delete all of these applications so that you can lighten ram and processor performance. Uninstall applications that you rarely use so you can make space on your hard drive.

Pay attention to the quality of cooling water

For those of you who use fans in the casing, pay attention to the composition of your computer’s air cooling. Is the fan position correct, are your air in and out at maximum? If not, please change it again so that the quality of the cooling water in your casing is maintained and can cool the PC hardware to the maximum.


Maintaining a computer so that all components can run optimally is an easy thing and can be done by everyone, you must follow the computer maintenance methods above so that your PC can last.