Easy Ways to Solve Dead Laptop Problems

Easy Ways to Solve Dead Laptop Problems

Laptops die by themselves often experienced by some users. This problem arises due to several factors. One of the things that makes us to diagnose this problem is to know the source of the problem. The cause of a dead laptop can be seen in terms of hardware and software. Here are some of the causes of problematic laptops that often turn off suddenly:


Overheat or often referred to as excessive heat is an event that a laptop that is always used continuously will experience this. Hardware has an important role in overheating because the computer brain is here. The processor mechanism will shut down automatically when it finds the processor components heating up. You have to be aware of the dangers of overheating the laptop so that it is not damaged and so that the laptop can still turn on.

Damage to RAM

RAM is used as a means of transmitting data for temporary storage. After that the laptop turns on then the RAM will work. RAM performance will continue until the laptop is turned off again. If you often use RAM will cause the RAM process to be a little burdened. Try to give a short break so that RAM has time to breathe.

Laptop Power Resistant

Laptops are portable devices that can be taken anywhere. Besides, you also have to check whether the laptop battery can still be used or not. The possibility of the laptop shutting down suddenly is the lack of power entering the laptop components, resulting in the laptop shutting down automatically. Because the components on the laptop require the laptop to be charged, otherwise the performance of the hardware and components on the motherboard will not work optimally. Sometimes, not only does it run out of power, but the laptop’s resources experience internal damage.

Broken Processor

Damage to the processor can occur and override any processor. This causes the laptop to suddenly turn itself off when charging. Because the performance of the laptop will be maximized if the processor used is also healthy without damage. Therefore you have to take care of the processor so that the life of the processor can be longer.