Electronic Equipment That Must Be Unplugged at Night

Electronic Equipment That Must Be Unplugged at Night

Not only saving energy, unplugging electronic equipment can prevent the risk of electrical short circuit. Electronic equipment is an important necessity for human life. We definitely use electronic equipment for various daily activities, from washing clothes, making food or drinks, storing food and drinks, to the need for entertainment. Not infrequently some people use electronic equipment from morning to night all day without unplugging it from the socket. In fact, not all electronic equipment is safe when connected to electricity at home. The following are some electronic equipment that must be unplugged at night:

1. Television

Television is one of the electronic equipment that must be removed at night. Maybe some of us have only been limited to turning off the television from the remote or screen. Television cables, which usually don’t consist of just one cable, must still be unplugged from the power source. The goal is to prevent an electric short circuit.

2. Computer

Both a personal computer that is directly connected to a power outlet and a laptop that is being recharged must also be unplugged from the socket when it is not being used at night. A laptop that has been fully recharged, but not immediately unplugged will cause a waste of energy. In addition, it is also not good for laptop performance to keep recharging an already full battery because it can reduce battery performance.

3. Phone charger

A cell phone charger that is used at night and is fully charged will cause over-charging. Not only wasteful of electricity, leaving the phone in a charging state when the battery is fully charged can lead to damage to the cellphone battery. It would be much better to recharge the phone in the morning when you wake up or before starting an activity.

4. Fan

At night, a fan may be the choice of some people to accompany sleep. Sleeping with a fan is not good for health. The most fatal impact is that a person can experience a lack of oxygen because the oxygen supply that should be obtained directly, becomes blocked due to the rotation of the wind from the fan.

5. Extension cable

Extension cables are indeed a useful item to assist in connecting all electronic equipment at one outlet. However, if the extension cord is left when it is not needed, especially at night, it will only waste electrical energy in the house. Worse yet, extension cords that are not unplugged immediately will heat up which can lead to the risk of an electrical short circuit to a house fire.