Here are 6 Important Tips for Cleaning a Computer Properly!

Here are 6 Important Tips for Cleaning a Computer Properly!

Cleaning a computer or laptop is indeed mandatory so that they are maintained and cared for. Dust and dirt are the worst enemies of humans, especially when the dust accumulates and sticks to your favorite computer or laptop. If your computer starts to run slowly and is making loud noises or is already looking dirty, it’s time to start cleaning it up

The importance of cleaning your PC regularly will also affect the life of the computer. Moreover, cleaning a PC turns out to only take a few minutes, you know! How about it, huh? Come on, see the important tips below!

1. Clean the computer case

The first step in cleaning your computer is finding a place to blow the dust off the computer. If you are using a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your computer it is best to find a place that is not worried about getting dirty like you do outdoors. For that we will provide tips on how to easily clean the computer case!

2. Clean the Keyboard

Fingers are a source of disease that quickly takes effect. Just imagine when the keyboard dust starts to accumulate and your fingers touch one by one from the keyboard, it will affect your health! So, from now on, it’s time to clean the keyboard regularly, guys!

Oh yes, for those of you who rarely clean computer devices and cause damage to the keyboard and mouse. After this, worry no more! Because currently there is a set of keyboards and mice from several well-known brands such as the logitech wireless desktop mk270r and Targus KM001, you know. You can buy it on your favorite e-commerce!

3. Clean the Mouse

It turns out that you also have to clean the mouse, you know! It’s not enough to clean the front using a cloth, it turns out that you have to clean the lens and rubber pads too.

4. Cleaning the Monitor

Maybe you or many other people clean the monitor screen using a tissue, it turns out that this actually makes the monitor screen even more dirty and scratched. Therefore we will provide the steps for cleaning the monitor screen properly!

First turn off the computer and make sure the monitor is unplugged from the computer, this will prevent static build-up.
Provide a soft dry cloth or use a microfiber cloth, then start rubbing on the monitor screen. Fyi, don’t scrape or pick up the dirt, just rub around on the monitor screen to remove dust.
Prepare a cleaning solution then spray onto the cloth then start rubbing on the monitor screen.

5. Clean the Motherboard

It is also important that you clean the motherboard. Because if it is not cleaned, the dust on the motherboard will function poorly, for example, such as a processor fan. If the dust sticks to the fan, it will cause the processor to get hotter and the computer to hang.6. Clean the VGA card and RAM card

If you have a computer that is rarely cleaned, it will have high dust levels. The thickened dust closed the lines on the VGA, RAM, and PCB which caused problems in the VGA and RAM line layers with the motherboard slots. This will cause your computer to work abnormally or the system to hang and no display on your monitor screen.

Maybe here are some simple ways to clean VGA and RAM that you can emulate!

Your first step can be to provide pencil smears, soft brushes and IPA fluids (you can find them at chemical stores)
Then remove VGA and RAM from the computer
Dip the brush in the IPA liquid, then clean the VGA card and RAM card slots
Also clean the VGA card path marked with a green box with a pencil eraser
Clean the RAM card path that is not marked with a green box with a pencil eraser
Finish! Replace the VGA card and RAM card to the motherboard.

Those are the easy tips for cleaning your favorite computer or laptop that you can do yourself at home. I hope this article is useful!