How Many Types of Kitchen Knives Do You Actually Need?

how many types of knives do I need for my kitchen

“What knives should I have for my home kitchen?”

Have you ever thought about that question? If you’re THE main cook of your family, I bet that question must have flown around a few times, right?

So, in order to answer it once and for all, I will list them here for you based on my own research and personal experience.

The first and most important knife you should have is a chef knife. It is the all in one multi-purpose tool any cook must have.

A good chef knife will help you greatly. You can use it for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts of beef.

And there are 2 notable styles of chef knives. The Western chef knives and the Japanese chef knives. Both of them can do the work. So just choose the one that fits your style the most.

The next one you would need for your home kitchen is a good carving knife. This type of knife is essential in meat preparation. Especially when you have to work with poultry, roasts, hams, and other large cooked meats.

Carving knives are smaller and thinner than chef knives. And thanks to that design, they can produce smaller, thinner slices of meat with better accuracy.

A paring knife is another good choice for your home kitchen’s knife collection. This is a utility knife that deals mostly with peeling fruits and chopping vegetables.

Other than that, you can use paring knives for a variety of other tasks such as fruit decorating, de-veining shrimps, removing fruit seeds, etc.

This type of knife also comes in many different shapes and forms. Therefore, it won’t be too hard to bring home a good one for your own needs.

And in case you have to chop large bones and meats, you will need a reliable cleaver on your side.  This type of knife originated in ancient China. And it’s also called the Chinese chef knife in case you don’t know.

Cleavers are usually very heavy. And thanks to their weight, they can hack through dense foods, thick meats, and hard bones with ease. If you find yourself having to constantly chop poultry or meat, then your kitchen needs to have a decent cleaver.

Next, you will need to have a decent bread knife if you want to slice the perfect cuts of bread for your family. OK, maybe bread slices don’t have to be that “perfect”, but you get the idea.

A good bread knife will make your life a lot easier when slicing bread. Especially in the morning when you’re late for your work and still have to prepare breakfast for your kids.

And finally, if you ever invited your friends or neighbors over for a steak dinner, then a shiny good looking steak knife set is a must!

Of course, they won’t judge you for having an old set of steak knives. But they will surely wow, and be amazed at your newly bought set. I’ve tried it before and the feeling was awesome. You can try that for yourself 🙂

OK, so there you have it. My personal recommendation of the essential knives you will need for your home kitchen.

If you have questions and something to discuss, feel free to leave me a comment below. I really appreciate that.