How to Choose the Best Yet Affordable Gaming Smartphone

How to Choose the Best Yet Affordable Gaming Smartphone

Playing games on smartphones has now become a necessity for many people. Even those who previously rarely played games, many of them liked it and didn’t even miss playing games every day. Playing games on smartphones is one of the affordable and safe entertainments during this pandemic. No wonder the internet usage is currently increasing. In order to play games smoothly, the exact specifications of the phone are of course important. The entertainment obtained from playing games will not be maximized if the cellphone used is not right. To get the best gaming experience, you also have to be observant in choosing the right phone. Here are some ways to choose the best yet affordable gaming smartphone:

Pay Attention to Screen Quality

The gaming experience will be even more exciting if it is supported by the appropriate smartphone screen. On the other hand, playing games can be grumpy when the screen quality doesn’t support the game being played. The thing to note is the screen resolution level. Make sure you choose a phone with a good resolution, that is, with at least a Full HD screen. The bigger the screen resolution, the better the quality and the better when gaming is used. This also affects battery power consumption, because the higher the screen quality, the more wasteful the battery consumption will be. In addition to resolution, you also need to pay attention to the screen size if you want a phone that is right for playing games. Mobile phones that are fun to use for gaming usually have a size of more than 5 inches.

Pay Attention to RAM and Processor

When choosing a new phone, RAM and processor should definitely not be overlooked. Mobile phones that are smoothly used for gaming usually have large enough RAM. If you have more budget, you can choose a bigger ram so that the games you play are also smoother. In addition to RAM, the processor in a cellphone also affects its performance, especially when used for gaming. This type of processor is always updated all the time and the latest release will have better performance.

Internal Memory

Generally games require downloading a fairly large file. Because it requires a smartphone with a large enough internal memory. In order to play the game more smoothly, you can choose the phone’s internal memory with a larger capacity. Phones with lower internal memory are feared to be full quickly, so you can’t freely download or save several games at one time.

Large Battery Capacity

Playing games is an activity that consumes a lot of cellphone battery power. Especially when it’s fun to play games, usually it doesn’t feel like hours. So that the battery does not run out quickly while playing games and also does not charge the cellphone too often, choose a cellphone with a large enough battery power.